Challenge Case Study: Dean Bax

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MAN v FAT Challenge is MAN v FAT’s newest weight loss programme.

It employs the same principles, using weekly challenges to motivate and inspire members. Challenges are based around three core principles: nutrition, exercise and healthy habit building.

Members earn points for their team for not only losing weight each week but also tracking their food and exercise using their member dashboard, exercising between 90-150 minutes per week, cooking healthy calorie-controlled meals from scratch and hitting their 5 and 10 percent weight loss milestones along the way.

In the first of our case studies, MAN v FAT advocate Dean Bax tells us about his Challenge story…

1 – What was your life like before you joined MAN v FAT Challenge?
Before MAN v FAT Challenge, I was a current member of MAN v FAT Football but, due to the restrictions of lockdown and not being able to play football or go to the gym, I was concerned that I’d slip back into bad habits. I am someone who is constantly battling with my weight and also have a diagnosed mental health condition. I was really worried about both issues with no accountability that MAN v FAT provides. I was looking for something to give me inspiration and the motivation I needed at that time to continue the progress I’d already made.

2 – Why did you decide to change?
I decided to lose weight after seeing pictures of myself and was really not happy with the size I had become. I was very low in confidence and self esteem. I was missing out on doing things with my children like swimming and sports activities. I wanted to change this to create a better life for me and my family.

3 – What is your Challenge team called? What have been your favourite Challenges so far?
My Challenge team was called Ace Tempura and my favourite food challenge was the Fakeaway Challenge to create a low calorie home cooked meal to rival your usual takeaway on a Friday night. I dont usually cook at home and I’m so fussy with food, MAN v FAT’s food challenges have really widened my horizons and made me look more in detail at what I could actually do, encouraging me to try new food.

There was an egg challenge one week and this brought out a creative side that I didn’t know I had! I created soft boiled eggs with a twist. My favourite exercise challenge was to create a picture using GPS via Strava or similar. I spent hours walking in the park perfecting my picture. The step challenge is hard work but it brought out my competitive side, and it’s also the one where every team member loses the most weight. My personal best is 63,813 steps in a day.

4 – What’s your team spirit like?
My team spirit is one of encouragement for others. The WhatsApp group was quite slow to start with, as you get put into a group of men who you are unlikely to meet face to face. MAN v FAT provide an icebreaker to get everyone involved and obviously everyone has a common ground with weight. Over the weeks the group grows stronger with support, encouragement, ideas and a bit of added banter to keep things fun whilst losing weight.

5 – What differences has losing this weight made in your life?
Since losing weight I feel happier and more confident in myself. I’m enjoying being more active with the family and can go swimming  without feeling embarrassed. Just simple things like buying clothes is much easier, to be able to just pick out normal outfits and not have to worry that it wont be in your size is great. I also strongly believe my mental health has vastly improved.

6 – What would you say to any men who are considering joining MAN v FAT Challenge?
I would encourage, and do encourage, any men interested in joining MAN v FAT Challenge. It helps to keep you active and sets goals each week, I personally love to take on a challenge. It gives focus to the week and no-one  likes to let their team mates down. I have met some great people and the support and laughs we’ve had over the challenges has been amazing. The food challenges opened my eyes to the options that are around for a more nutritionally balanced lower calorie diet for me.

You can sign up for MAN v FAT Challenge today by visiting the website at It’s time to challenge your limits!


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