5 ways to look after your mental wellbeing while injured 

When you’re injured, it’s not just the physical injury you need to look after, you need to look after your mental wellbeing too. Here’s how. Getting injured can feel like the end of the world when you’re just getting back into sport or exercise. When you’re enjoying yourself on the pitch, sustaining an injury can […]

How exercise can help with depression

No doubt that moving makes us feel good but did you know some scientists claim exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants for those suffering with clinical depression? When you’re feeling low, exercise can be the last thing on your mind. It could just help you lift you and we’re not suggesting you have to […]

Why talking boosts your wellbeing

When you’re feeling down or stressed, sometimes letting it all out and talking about your problems can feel like a load off. Here’s why something as simple as talking can improve your wellbeing. Humans are social creatures, and whether you’re an introvert or the life and soul of the party, we all need someone to […]

A Beginners’ Guide To Mindful Eating

OK, so it’s pretty obvious that very few of us need a guide to the technical how-to of eating per se. Get food, put in mouth, job done. Whether you’re stuffing a burger down your throat, spooning beluga onto blinis or sucking freeze-dried astronaut food into your mouth – all of us have a fairly good idea of […]

How Do You Turn A Failure Into A Success?

man in blue and white crew neck t-shirt holding brown wooden signage

We all know that when it comes to dieting, setbacks are bound to happen. Whether it’s the sudden realisation that you have to count the calories in ketchup (seriously, it’s a lot) or a more fundamental loss of motivation, we all get it wrong sometimes. It’s natural to experience failure in the pursuit of weight […]

Does The Male Menopause Mess With Your Weight?

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Despite the name, the menopause is often associated with women, but did you know that men can experience a similar phenomenon? Commonly known as male menopause or the andropause, this stage in a man’s life involves hormonal changes that can impact weight loss and overall health. The first thing to be aware of is that […]

Gift Ideas For Men Who Are Losing Weight

You’ve probably arrived at this post because you’ve got a man in your life who is currently losing weight. The issue there is that the normal man-friendly gifts (Oh, hello craft beer selection! Nice to see you again sock subscription!) might not always be appropriate – do you know how many calories there are in […]

Hey Hot Stuff, It’s World Compliment Day!

I know we’re all sick of themed health days, but today Wednesday 1st of March is World Compliment Day, which sounds great! You probably think so too because you’re always thinking about other people in a positive way. You might tell from this introduction, but the art of the compliment doesn’t come naturally to men. […]

What Do You Do If You Hate Your Body?

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At MAN v FAT we believe in being positive about bodies. Ever since we began we’ve firmly believed that we have to treat our readers, and ourselves, with as much compassion as we can. One upshot of that is that we’re only ever keen on helping people to lose weight, if that’s their choice. We […]

Could You Hug Yourself Thin?

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Are you tired of counting calories and hitting the gym, but still not seeing any results on the scale? Well, it’s time to put down the kale smoothie and pick up your nearest and dearest friend, because hugging may just be the secret ingredient to weight loss you’ve been looking for. No, really – hugging […]