Drop, wrap and roll #MVFNewsround

In the newsround this week – MVFF cake, a new league, new Pringles and how to properly fold a tortilla wrap. You’re welcome. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Check out this amazing work of cake art – it’s a MAN v FAT Football cake! It was presented to Ray, who plays for Borussia Munching Backfat (excellent name) at the Harlow league. A belated happy birthday Ray – I hope the cake

Cake before chips? #MVFNewsround

If you’ve ever thought that you’d rather eat dessert before dinner, there’s good news for you in this week’s newsround. Also: more lower-calorie ice cream, a spot of weight loss inspiration and a cheesy quote to give you a boost. What more could you ask for? From the MAN v FAT Football leagues MAN v FAT Football Cardiff‘s superstar player marketer Matthew has been really busy this week, appearing on ITV Wales

My gravy-filled heart #MVFNewsround

We’ve been AWOL for a bit (who knew the common cold could knock you down for quite so long, eh?!) but we’ve been keeping our beady eye on the goings on in the world of weight loss, food and fitness – finding out what our chances of sticking to our resolutions are and dazzling our beloved with a heart filled with gravy. Yes, you heard. From the MAN v FAT

Too embarrassed to order salad? #MVFNewsround

This week, we’ve been celebrating some fantastic weight loss and the men who have achieved it, tucking into some new vegan grub, dusting off our bikes and overcoming our ’embarrassment’ of ordering salads. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Our very own MVFFer Josh Deegan hit the big time this week with a shoutout from the FA, congratulating him for his amazing progress. You can read about his MVFF

Shots or squats? – the MVF Newsround 11/1/19

Fancy seeing you here! I’m glad you’re back. Good Christmas? Enough of the small talk, let’s get back to it. This week on the Newsround… From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Now that January is in full swing, we’re looking ahead to the launch of our brand new MAN v FAT Football leagues at the end of Jan! We’ve got new leagues starting in Sheffield, Leeds, Chelmsford, Hastings, Plymouth