Andrew Rowley (Newport)

Age: 38Lost: 62kg (36%) I had had really bad back problems and struggled to walk upstairs, so I knew I had to change for myself and my son, I wanted to enjoy doing things with him and be a good role model for him. On a typical day I’d eat chocolate, crisps, takeaways and all […]

Lee O’Kelly (Chester)

Age: 33Lost: 39kg (35%) When I first joined, I was the heaviest I’d been for some years and it really was getting me down. At first, I didn’t really change a lot dietwise and I thought I was getting away with it by gradually losing week by week until the week I thought I’d had […]

Adam Ratcliffe (Margate)

Age: 32Lost: 45kg (36%) I have dieted before but they were often fads. I would focus on the weight loss, rather than fitness. This ultimately meant I lost weight but I was still incredibly unfit. I fully committed to the MAN v FAT challenge and knew this was my best chance of losing weight and […]

Charlie Hill (Lincoln)

Age: 24Lost: 27kg (20%) It’s changed my entire life. I didn’t really have friends round here before and now I’m part of a big community. The support is amazing. I had aches in my knees and I wasn’t physically capable of doing things. I was around 22st for a year and built up to that […]

Tom Read, Cheltenham

Age: 31Lost: 39kg (26%) I’ve gone from being the heaviest I’ve ever been to the slimmest I’ve been since my teenage years. It’s allowed me to make some great friends and increase from hardly playing football to playing at least two times a week. It’s also helped me socially because I would go to events […]

Phil Jubb, Hull

Age: 44Lost: 28.7kg (20%) I’ve gone from being a couch potato to being more active than I’ve been since my mid-20s. Being able to shop for clothes in any shop was a big milestone for me. I knew I needed to lose the weight. Doctors were telling me about being diabetic, the potential heart problems, […]