Amazing Losers

Weight loss by the book: Amazing Loser Dan Pickens

While weight loss isn’t rocket science (just er… regular science), it definitely takes grit and determination to do and you could do worse than taking advice from those who have been there, done that and got the (significantly smaller) t-shirt. This week’s Amazing Loser Dan has been so successful on his weight loss journey partly down to absorbing as much information about weight loss as he can, and now he’s passing

The Last Laugh: Amazing Loser Shaun Griffiths

Being overweight can be tough for a myriad of reasons, from being out of breath when walking up stairs to the infamous chub rub on a summer’s day, but one of the worst things can be knowing that people’s perceptions of you are based on how you look. This week’s Amazing Loser Shaun struggled with people he thought were friends treating him differently because he was overweight, but as Shaun

Gym’ll Fix It: Amazing Loser Matt Wood

When you’re overweight and you want to start shedding pounds, the logical place to start is with what you eat. But what happens when your body starts to adjust to your new healthy way of eating and your weight stalls? This week’s Amazing Loser hit a plateau, but has found that joining the gym is the kickstart he needs. And it wasn’t as bad as he was fearing… Name: Matt Wood (ask

Nerd Do Well: Amazing Loser Atef Ben Nasser

We’ve all been there, sitting in science class stinking of BO and Lynx because we were too embarrassed to shower after PE. It’s a sad truth that overweight teens have to contend with all manner of bullying to cripple an already fragile self-image. But the nerds will conquer the world, as they say, and those of us who were stocky, shy and retiring in school are often the ones who