Do I have to wear shin pads?

No ifs, no buts, shin pads are a must.Alright, let’s talk shin pads. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, to take part in MAN v FAT Football you’ve got to wear ‘em (and same goes for any football game under FA rules). It’s common sense, but shin guards protect your shins from injury, whether that’s a […]

Transforming men’s lives in Carlisle

The phrase “football is more than a game” is a sentiment echoed by all those involved in the sport, from players and coaches to fans and commentators. In Carlisle, the saying is certainly ringing true. The beautiful game has become the centrepiece for a movement that champions better mental and physical health for men in […]

Online Communication Terms

You must read and understand the following important rules before using MAN v FAT Football online communications and or social media (the Communications). If you are uncertain as to your rights under these rules or you want any explanation about them please e-mail, or call 0345 163 0042. 1. These terms 1.1 These terms […]

Merthyr to remember clubmate Alex

Members of MAN v FAT Merthyr’s community will come together on Saturday 2nd March to remember former clubmate Alex Meek (pictured centre, above). Alex was a popular member of the MAN v FAT Merthyr club, but sadly passed away at the end of 2023. His Merthyr teammates will take on the players and friends of […]

Go Red For The BHF!

We’re teaming up with the British Heart Foundation to Go Red and raise money for lifesaving research! In the UK, someone dies from a heart or circulatory condition every three minutes. Whether it’s losing a loved one to sudden cardiac arrest or coping with the devastating impact of heart failure, far too many of us […]

MAN v FAT National Tournament: Get Ready!

The MAN v FAT National tournament returns this year, as we head to Lilleshall National Sports Centre on July 13th. Lilleshall was once the home of England’s national team and has played host to some of the nation’s greatest footballers – and now it’s your turn! Welsh teams have won the last two tournaments – […]

Celebrating Success: Media Mogul Carl Norton

Our MAN v FAT Community do a great job of telling our story through their own words. Carl Norton, a MAN v FAT member, is one of the best – and is twice winner of our Media Mogul Award. He tells us more… Why is celebrating success so important to you? I LOOOOVE seeing people […]

Celebrating Success: Celebrating The Wins

Our MAN v FAT Leyton and Enfield coach Bob Stamegna loves celebrating his community. He tells us all about it! Why is celebrating success so important at your club?Football is perhaps one of the most tribal of all sports. The teams in the clubs I coach have the same competitive tribal unity that you will […]

Extra Time: Local Tournaments

It’s off to the north west for this case study, as MAN v FAT Bolton’s Nik Bryant gives us the lowdown a local tournament ran by the lads. What is your inspiration for holding the tournament each year?After the first tournament I was asked if we would do it again and it just kind of […]

Giving Back: 1 Million Step Challenge

We hit the road to meet Aaron Knight from Yeovil, to find out about the lads’ exploits in the 2023 Diabetes UK 1 Million Step Challenge. What was your inspiration for this challenge?Our inspiration firstly was due to the Diabetes 1 Million Steps challenge, but also as one of our members young sons is diabetic […]