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MAN v FAT leagues across the country will get a new look in late 2021 and beyond, as we launch MAN v FAT Clubs to make our community in the 100+ locations in the UK even stronger!

Nearly 6,000 men participate in MAN v FAT Football on a weekly basis at present, with the number of guys losing weight with MAN v FAT having risen by over 30% in the last twelve months.

There have been some remarkable stories of weight loss success in each of our leagues across the UK since things got underway in 2016. And with the recent launch in Reading being our 100th MAN v FAT location, we’re looking at building on what is already a strong community with MAN v FAT Clubs.

Head of MAN v FAT Richard Crick said: “Across the MAN v FAT programme, we are continually hearing great stories of success from our leagues, whether that be individuals hitting their healthy BMI range, teams picking up titles based on amazing weight loss or leagues reaching new heights with supporting men in MAN v FAT.

“A number of our MAN v FAT leagues have adopted a Club approach, where not only do men support each other within their team groups, but that the success of the whole league as a set of 60 or 80 men working together is deemed equally as important.

“These leagues have seen some great success on and off the pitch and, as we look to build on the community and social element of the MAN v FAT programme, we’re keen to adopt this Club feel across all of our locations in England, Scotland and Wales.

“Reading became our 100th MAN v FAT Club at the start of August and we have big plans to make MAN v FAT even bigger and better, with some great ideas to bring the community together at a local, regional and national level.

“We’re really excited about the possibilities of MAN v FAT Clubs and look forward to sharing more news in the coming months.”

Here’s How You Can Get Involved
We’re really keen to support our Clubs around the UK to develop their own identities and will be launching a great challenge to our members to get this underway.

We are asking MAN v FAT members to come together in their leagues and submit ideas for their very own MAN v FAT Club badge.

Members can submit their badge designs and we’ll get a professional designer to shape them up into graphics that can be used by members on their Club pages, on social media and we are finalising the process for you to be able to choose to wear these badges on any shirts in league matches in their Club!

We’ll reveal more news to the MAN v FAT Community in the coming days.


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