Putting down the fork: Amazing Loser Jordan Shufflebotham

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One of the worst things about being overweight is that feeling of being different, whether that means needing to shop in specialist clothes shops to find your size or having to request a seatbelt extender when you get on a plane. For Amazing Loser Jordan, he was fed up with constantly being reminded that he couldn’t do the everyday things most people take for granted – shopping in high street stores, running around after his kids, and it was when he realised he was avoiding doing things that he knew he needed a change…

Name: Jordan Shufflebotham
Age: 27
Height: 5’8″
Location:  Stoke on Trent
Highest weight: 144.2kgs (22st 10lbs / 318lbs)
Lowest weight: 102.5kgs (16st 2lbs / 226lbs)
Weight lost: 92lbs

How did you get to the position where you needed to lose weight?

I was struggling to find clothes to fit and I had to start shopping online only or in specialist stores just to get any decent clothing. I spent most of my time in jogging pants.

What negative experiences did you have of being overweight?
I wasn’t able to really do anything at all without getting out of breath, and that’s if I would do anything – a lot of the time I wouldn’t do things as I always thought I looked a mess. I hated buying suits and similar things as I would have to be measured for them and that meant others knowing how big I was.

What made you decide to change?

I was walking upstairs taking my kids to bed and I thought I was about to have a heart attack. I was so knackered I was sweating and panting like a dog without water on a hot day. It made me take a good look at myself. I sat down and thought that if I didn’t act now then I will never see my kids growing up. I needed a change.

How did you do it?
I going to the gym and started to walk places more often. I’d walk my children to school rather than getting taxis and I’d walk to the shops.
Had you tried to lose weight before? If yes, what made this time different from the times before?
Yes, I had tried losing weight many times. I have a slow metabolism which makes it really hard so each time I put weight back on it got me disheartened and I just stopped dieting and stopped training every time.

What did you eat before you lost weight?


Everything! I had to have bread with every meal and one meal was never enough. I’d eat all the leftovers, have snacks afterwards and I always wanted takeaways.

What do you eat now?


I have a varied diet. I won’t say it’s all rabbit food, you can live a healthy life and still eat what you want but my portions are a lot smaller. I eat fewer snacks and more fruit and veg.
How has MAN v FAT Football helped you to lose weight?
Without MAN v FAT Football I’m sure I wouldn’t live past 35. It spurs you on to want to lose weight, you want people to be proud of you for losing and you want rewards for losing. .MAN v FAT Football gives you all this. The support is there, the friendships are there and to top it off it’s a footie league.
Why do you think MAN v FAT Football works?
It aims at the right things: most men love sport, most men want to be fit but for whatever reason struggle to do so and this is aimed at those men. It provides all the help you could want but at the same time you still have a laugh and nothing is ever too serious. It just gives us big men the opportunity to get back out there and back into a sport we love.
What would you say to anyone thinking of joining MAN v FAT Football?
Without a shadow of a doubt, do it. It’s not a miracle cure; you can’t turn up on one evening a week, play a half hour game and look like Johnny Depp. You have to put some effort in yourself but honestly, it gives you so much motivation to want to lose weight and it has changed my life.
What was the most difficult thing about losing weight?
Sticking to it. Dieting is so easy for a few days but to eat better for the foreseeable future is a lot harder than you’d think. Cravings are like the worst demon you could imagine, it’s like having a devil on one shoulder an angel on the other but the devil is far heavier and outweighs the angel. You have to battle these things and set yourself goals and targets to help.
How did you overcome any difficulties?
By setting targets for myself. It doesn’t matter how small the target may be, just set it. The sense of achievement and the feeling this brings makes you want to carry on and set more and more goals. I started my target at losing 5 pounds and I hit this in less than two weeks and that spurred me on so much 
How has life changed now that you’ve lost weight?
New clothes, a new smile, a new me. How can anyone ask for more? I can play with my children without being out of breath, I want to walk everywhere…I just feel so much fitter and healthier, it’s amazing.
Who supported you the most on your journey and how did they help?
My wife, my friends and this is no sort of cliché but my MAN v FAT Football league. When I was down and depressed all of the above helped me push through it. When I hit the wall again all 3 found a way to talk to me and help me through it…I can’t thank them enough.
If you could go back to the person you were at your heaviest, what would you say to him?
Put down the fork!
Now that you’ve lost weight, how are you planning on maintaining your weight loss?
I haven’t quite hit my goal yet so I will continue with my walking, swimming and weightlifting until I’m happy and content. For me, regular exercise and eating better is the way and is a way of life.
You’re Prime Minister/President for the day – what law would you bring in to help combat the obesity problem?
It may seem daft but I’d make gyms and healthier food more affordable. At the moment you can get a double cheeseburger for £1.29 or 2 pies for £1 yet a healthy egg salad will set you back £3.49 there is something not right there and something needs to change.
What three things do other fat men need to know about losing weight?
1. It will not happen overnight
2. Give your body time to adjust to the new diet and exercise, aches and pains are a good sign
3. Set goals because once these are hit it spurs you on to want more
Our thanks to Jordan and don’t forget – If you want to make a change to your life right now – then sign up for one of our free 30 day online weight programmes, the only thing you’ve got to lose is fat…


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