Amazing Loser: Craig Hitchcock

weight loss before and after

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Craig has been a member of MAN v FAT Kings Lynn since April 2022 and, at the time of writing this article, had lost nearly 17% of his starting body weight!

He tell us about how the lads at Kings Lynn have given him the support he needed to tackle his weight loss journey.

What do you most enjoy about MAN v FAT Football?
The best feeling about MAN v FAT is the determination and boost it gives you to lose weight not wanting to be told you’ve gained weight this week, but instead knowing you are losing it. It’s also great to see so many guys with the same goals as you have.

Would you encourage other men from the area to get involved in playing MAN v FAT Football. If yes, why?
Yes definitely, if you love football and are wanting to lose weight this is the best thing you can do, playing football but also getting in exercise at the same time. This also gives you motivation to want to get fitter and healthier on and off the pitch.

How else has MAN v FAT helped you?
MAN v FAT has helped me massively. After some changes in my life I’ve had people I thought were my mates and even some family stopped talking to me and no longer wanting to know me. It’s one reason why I put weight on. Also they had no idea what there actions have done to affect me mentally.

Not only do I have my partner and my children to thank to keep me going but also to MAN v FAT at Kings Lynn. The lads I play with are the best, an absolute great bunch of lads and it’s been great meeting them and getting to know them. There are definitely some friendships to be made with them.

Also, the lads who I play against are again absolutely brilliant and it’s great seeing everyone every week – you all go to play football and wanting to lose weight and be healthy.

I started 1st of April 2022 this year and, in the last four months, I’ve definitely improved with my weight, my fitness, my health and just getting back to being me.

Also a massive shout out to our coach Dean, who is an absolute top bloke – he’s been a massive inspiration to all of us.

Want to join Craig and Dean at Kings Lynn? You can register today to get involved!


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