Amazing Loser: Chris Green

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Getting into the habit of regular weight loss is an important one when it comes to a successful time with MAN v FAT.

It’s fair to say that Chris Green in our MAN v FAT Chester club has achieved this – the 40 year old has two perfect seasons with MAN v FAT, achieving weight loss 32 weeks in a row!

Chris has now lost in excess of 60kg since joining us at the start of 2022 and recently received his 30% weight loss certificate.

He told us a bit more about his story so far.

What was it that made you join MAN v FAT Football?
I joined MAN v FAT because I liked the idea of being part of a team with a common goal and that I would have the incentive to be able to contribute more to the team by losing weight.

What do you most enjoy about MAN v FAT Football?
I like that everyone there is trying to achieve the same goal of losing weight, even if it might be for a variety of reasons. The people there understand the struggle of losing weight and it’s great to have other like-minded people there to share your success or to give you some encouragement when things haven’t gone so well. The games of football are always enjoyable as well, and the way the guys from other teams support each other from the side lines during games gives it a real ‘one-club’ feel rather than it being about individual teams.

What has been the secret to your successful weight loss so far?
The biggest thing that has helped me was being honest with myself as to why I hadn’t managed to lose weight on any of my numerous attempts previously. I think if you understand why things went wrong in the past then you can come up with a method that can be sustainable in the long run.

Finding a good routine works well for me also. I try and go to the gym as often as possible, even on days where I’m not really feeling like it just going and doing some of a workout, even if it’s just one part, is enough to keep the momentum.

The support from my team and other players within the club has been invaluable to me as well. I had a tear in my MCL which meant I couldn’t play for 6 weeks and the support I received during this time really meant a lot to me.

Would you encourage other men from the area to get involved in playing MAN v FAT Football. If yes, why?
I would. The football is just one part of MAN v FAT but the benefits extend far beyond the pitch. You become part of the club with other like-minded people, you get the support of the coaches and access to information including recipes and workouts on the MAN v FAT website as well as information on mental health (which doesn’t get talked about enough with regards to weight management).

You’ll find that when you join a club there might be people that haven’t kicked a ball since school or people who might be a bit older or younger and some who have a bit more to lose than others but everyone is welcome!

How else has MAN v FAT helped you?
Meeting new people has been great, the football is just one evening a week but our club now has a blossoming social side to things with our 11-a-side team taking off now and more activities being arranged away from the pitch. The work that some of the guys put into these things is amazing and really benefits the club and the other members massively.

Want to join Chris and his MAN v FAT friends at Chester? Sign up here today!


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