Amazing Loser Anthony Winstone

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Following a serious knee injury, Anthony was faced with an uphill battle with a lengthy 18 month recovery period which lead to serious weight gain. Read on to find out how he used it to spur him on to lose weight, with a little help from his MAN v FAT Football teammates…

Name: Anthony Winstone

Age: 30

Location: Chatham

Weight lost: 16.4kg (2st 8.1lbs, 36.1lbs)

What was your life like before you joined MAN v FAT Football?

My life was pretty good, just started my dream job as a mortgage advisor, had great family around me, a beautiful daughter. What more could a man ask for! 

What made you decide to change?

I was worried about the side effects of being obese. My daughter is only 2 years old and I felt she deserved better than a Dad that gets out of breath on the walk to the park (yet alone having enough energy to actually play with and chase her. Deep down, I wasn’t happy with how I looked and felt I could do better. 

What has it been like being a part of your MAN v FAT Football club?

I play for the mighty Olympic Mayonnaise in Chatham. Its such a great group of lads. Its 100% one of the main reasons Ive had the success Ive had, because I hate letting people down. It was hard to get back into the swing of things, but trust me, give it 3 weeks and youll think youre Messi. 

How has life changed now you’ve lost weight?

I have so much more energy! Clothes that never used to fit me now do, and Ive gained so much self-confidence. 

I’m aiming to get down to that 18st mark so I can drive a Ferrari! 

What three things do other fat men need to know about losing weight? 

1. 75% of weight loss is what you eat, so put a massive focus on it. 

2. Drink plenty of water as it really does help. 

3. Join MAN v FAT Football! 

Many thanks to Anthony for sharing his story! If you want to be featured as an Amazing Loser, send us an email – 


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