7 things we learned in April

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Back in the day, when MAN v FAT was but a sapling and before we helped MAN v FAT Footballers lose 100,000lbs, we used to round up the months with some interesting tidbits that we learned. We get sent a lot of press releases and other random stuff that doesn’t have a home anywhere else but are still worth a mention, so here we go.

1. Some people do better if they exercise at a low-intensity pace

Especially people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

2. Exercise can keep you young

Roger Federer is 36 and still doing just fine. What’s his secret? Well, being a world-class athlete probably doesn’t hurt.

3. The first weight loss surgery (of sorts) was performed during the 10th century

If you’ve ever wondered if just sewing your mouth shut would be easier than trying to eat less, this Spanish king beat you to it. That’s the opening to this great piece about how weight loss surgery changes your relationship with food.

things we learned in April

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for IAAF)

4. Usain Bolt ate 1,000 chicken nuggets during the Beijing Olympics.

And he won 3 gold medals.

5. MVF Forum legend Maxnas once got banned from the Body Coach Facebook group for giving people advice.

We’re 8 months late to this but it still made us LOL

things we learned in April

‘I’m off to bed. Wake me when I’m skinny *hic*’

6. William the Conqueror was so dismayed at gaining weight that he decided to just lie in bed drinking alcohol until the weight came off.

I mean, you can kinda see why he thought it’d be a good idea. Check out some other bonkers ways people have tried losing weight in the past here.

7. Asda and Sainsbury’s are merging.

Asbury’s? Sainsda? Apparently this will mean lower prices.

What did you learn in April? Share with the class, please. 






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