Time to get active in 2022?

As 2021 comes to a close, all eyes are on the new year and what might lie ahead. We’ve got plenty of exciting plans for MAN v FAT in 2022, with a host of new clubs coming to MAN v FAT Football, more men than ever getting started on MAN v FAT Challenge and a […]

What Is MAN v FAT about then?

Our successful MAN v FAT Football programme has helped men in the UK shed almost 370,000lbs in excess weight over the last 6 years, through accountability, guidance and support. With over 150 MAN v FAT clubs across the UK, there will most likely be one near you and plenty of like minded men who are […]

How to enjoy Christmas without gaining weight

Christmas without gaining weight

Is it possible to enjoy Christmas without gaining weight? Well, we can certainly try. Christmas is an exciting time for many of us as we look forward to celebrating with family and friends, but as with any celebration, food plays a huge part in the way we mark the festive season, presenting a huge opportunity […]

Little By Little: Amazing Loser Jordan Skinner

Little by little and bit by bit is a great approach to weight loss. It may be a cliche, but it’s definitely true that the weight didn’t go on overnight and it won’t come off overnight either. Amazing Loser Jordan has found this to be the best way to tackle weight loss and it has […]

Amazing Loser Daniel Pearce

Being diagnosed with an illness directly related to your weight is a scary prospect, and it’s one that was all too real for Amazing Loser Daniel. Read on to find out how he used it to spur him on to lose weight, with a little help from his MAN v FAT Football teammates… Name: Daniel […]

How to cut calories without realising it

Cutting calories can be a right bore after the novelty wears off. At first, you point MyFitnessPal’s barcode scanner at everything and marvel at how technology makes everything so¬†easy, but after months of doing it its just another annoyance that you have to do every day, like brushing your teeth or sitting in traffic. Cutting […]

Calories in Starbucks Christmas drinks 2021

calories in starbucks christmas drinks

Picture the scene: you’re out doing your Christmas shopping, it’s cold, your wallet is groaning and you’re bored of schlepping around yet another department store’s gift section. And then you see the welcoming arms of the Starbucks siren, beckoning you in for a warming coffee. Starbucks Christmas drinks are everyone’s festive favourites and they’re back […]