How to deal with DOMS

It’s the day after leg day and you can’t walk because it’s SO SORE. You’ve got DOMS, my friend. Here’s how to deal with DOMS.

NEW MAN v FAT Football leagues launching in May

MAN v FAT Football

COVID-19 really put a dampener on our plans for 2020, which included a lot of new MAN v FAT Football league launches. But fear not – now that lockdown restrictions are easing, we’re thrilled to be going ahead with our new league launches all across the country. Here are the new MAN v FAT Football […]

#MVFNewsround 27/4

Low-fat pizzas, advice for MAN v FAT Football newbies and a low-cal drink that combines two great loves: biscuit + coffee. It’s the MAN v FAT Newsround!

Getting back into exercise after a long break

It’s entirely likely that you’re getting back into exercise for the first time in a year this month as we see gyms in England reopen and outdoor exercise across the UK resume. If you’ve been lacking in motivation, this is a great time to get back into it, but how can you make sure you’re […]

Return To Form: #MVFNewsround 19/4

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! Through lockdown and furlough, the MAN v FAT website has been quiet, but as everything starts opening up again and we celebrate MAN v FAT’s return to football we’re dusting off the cobwebs too. We’ll bring you news from MAN v FAT Football, the world of food and drink and […]

MAN v FAT Football is back!

MAN v FAT Football is back

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here – from today, MAN v FAT Football leagues in England* will resume and we cannot contain our excitement. It’s been a loooong wait but MAN v FAT Football is back, baby. If you’re getting back on the pitch in the coming weeks, here are some do’s […]

How to ease post-lockdown anxiety

Lockdown has, at times, felt never-ending. It’s been a worrying time to say the least,  so when the announcement came that lockdown rules would be easing it seemed that the country let out a collective sigh of relief. We’ll be able to see our family again soon! We can get haircuts, buy something from a […]

Best activewear for big men | BigClothing4U

Finding activewear for big men that are functional but still look great can be quite the challenge. But thankfully, baggy t-shirts and unflattering joggers are a thing of the past as big and tall retailers have worked hard to give us big men clothing that fits in all the right places, without making us look […]