Flippin’ Fantastic Pancake Day Recipes 2020

If the weather/the long road to payday/half term (delete as appropriate) has been getting you down, fear not as today is pancake day and we’re here to spread the joy with the best pancake day recipes. Can you have a big fat stack of pancakes when you’re trying to lose weight? Well, you may want […]

Eyes Bigger Than Your Belly – Amazing Loser Matthew Yates

This week’s Amazing Loser Matthew struggled with something we all probably find difficult – portion sizes. It’s so difficult to not pile your plate high when you’re eating something delicious (read: high calorie), and when your body gets used to always being supplied with big portions it’s a big shock when you suddenly cut down. But […]

10 things you didn’t know about yoga

10 things you didn't know about yoga

Yoga is a multilayered ancient practice that is about so much more than being able to touch yours toes or do the splits. You don’t need to look a certain way or be a certain person – yoga is for EVERY body and accessible to all. Yes, even men. Yes, even overweight men. You can […]