Chuffed as a butty – The MVF Newsround 30/11/18

Going plastic-free, feeling S.A.D, an epic 1 MILLION metre challenge and the Frankenstein’s Monster of Christmas desserts. Yep, it’s the Newsround! From the MAN v FAT Football leagues MAN v FAT has been hitting the headlines! (And at one point, even being deemed more important than Harry and Meghan!) BBC film crews visited the Slough […]

The MAN v FAT Football leagues launching in January

January holds a special place in the heart of any man who has ever wanted to lose weight – yes, it’s the month of New Year’s Resolutions and the signal of a fresh start. New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for er, not actually happening, with only eight percent of people actually keeping them. But we’re pretty […]

What we learned in November

Did you know that there’s less than ONE MONTH until Christmas? We say it so often it’s become a bit of a cliche, but damn, this year is flying by. Soon it’ll be time to jump into January hyperfocus mode, but let’s hold off on thinking about that… This is the Haribo you’re most likely […]

WTF is palm oil, anyway? – The MVF Newsround 22/11/18

Exciting MVFF news, managing stress and festive bakes. Welcome to the Newsround! From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Introducing MAN v FAT: Extra Time! Here at MAN v FAT, not only are we dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, we are dedicated to helping you celebrate them. There are four new […]

How to get over your fear of the gym

Self-conscious at the gym? That’s only natural, but believe me, you don’t need to be. With a little bit of planning and faking it ’til you make it, you can raise your self-esteem and become a gym bunny in no time. Remember these tips and you’ll be reaching your gym goals before you can say […]

How many calories in Caffe Nero and Pret Christmas food?

There’s no getting away from it now: Christmas food is in full swing and it’s time to get merry with the many different versions of turkey sandwiches currently on the high street. If you’re planning on a trip to Caffe Nero, Pret or Greggs but still want to keep an eye on your calorie intake […]

The mindful consumer – The MVF Newsround 16/11/18

This week we’re mulling over the rise of the ‘mindful consumer’, taking photos of our food and wondering if a low-cal pizza base is too good to be true… From the MAN v FAT Football leagues We got a great tweet from Paul @paulslaney13 with his progress since joining the West Brom MAN v FAT […]

Five of the best low-calorie alcohol-free beers

If you love a pint, you’re not alone, but it’s no secret that alcohol is high in calories – and that’s before you even get to the fry up that makes your hangover more bearable. There has been a massive increase in low-alcohol beer on the market in recent years, but did you know that […]

The ultimate MAN v FAT guide to Christmas 2018

Christmas can be a tricky bugger to navigate if you’re trying to lose weight. We’re not really talking about Christmas Day itself here, because surely if there’s one day you can sod the diet it’s Christmas Day (and Boxing Day, buried under Quality Street wrappers), but it’s everything else that can make this time of year […]

The MAN v FAT Podcast – Episode 11 with the British Obesity Society

In Episode 11 we chat to Jane and Paul from the British Obesity Society about their work, discussing what makes the nation fat, how our eating habits have changed and chocolate vending machines in gyms. or click here if you can’t see the Soundcloud widget And good news for anyone who doesn’t use Soundcloud […]