5 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism  

how to speed up your metabolism

Metabolism? That’s a handy catch-all definition of pretty much anything and everything that’s going on inside us, from our heart pumping blood around our body, to our brain producing deep thoughts, or even our digestive system working hard to extract every last calorie from the food we’ve just eaten. Whatever’s going on inside our body, […]

Why Your Mates Don’t Want You to Lose Weight

Why your mates don't want you to lose weight

The Goonies had Chunk, Take That had Gary Barlow, the college fraternity of Robot House from Futurama had Fat Bot and your mates have, um, you. Sorry, but it seems to be an unshakeable cliché that every group of friends needs a fat one; someone to be the lovable, chubby butt of all the pie […]

Healthy Food Options By Holiday Destination

healthy food options by holiday destination

Need to know healthy food options by holiday destination? With many of us heading off on holidays around the world (or sweating away in a shed making MAN v FAT, not that we’re jealous…) we asked Dr Sally Norton to take a look at some healthy eating options from around the world so you can […]