The 10 Most Offensive Fat People Jokes

Lol – fat people jokes. There’s an intrinsic and unbreakable link between fat and funny, and you’ll be pleased to know that it goes beyond the fact that both words begin with an F. We’ve been discussing comedy and weight over on the MAN v FAT forum and Facebook page. The depressing conclusion is that overweight men are extremely likely to be on the receiving end of fat people jokes, perhaps because male culture is so much more likely to revert to gags than female culture – laughing and being rude is often just how we handle things.

There’s no doubting that some of the fat people jokes are funny, but whether you’re laughing or not is likely to depend on your relationship to the joke and the joker. It also seems especially edgy because weight is such a sensitive issue and can stem from some fairly complex and deep-seated psychological issues. We wanted to see how far some men have pushed the fat joke so we took a trip to Sickipedia which boasts over 10,000 user-submitted obesity-related jokes, giving obesity the honour of being one of the most populous categories.

It’s certainly an interesting read – I’d be interested in your thoughts on this one, is this a touchy subject for humour? Did any of them make you laugh? If you’re joking does it make any topic up for grabs? Let us know in the comments.

Warning if you are easily offended by weight-related, sexist and sometimes just bad humour then don’t read on…

In at number 10 with a bullet:

fat people jokes 1

Number 9:


Number 8


Number 7

fat people jokes

Number 6


Number 5


Number 4


Number 3

fat people jokes


Number 2


And the number 1 MOST OFFENSIVE FAT JOKE IS….*drum roll*

fat people jokes

What do you think? Are you lolling? Should fat people jokes be a topic for humour or is it strictly off limits?



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I'm Andrew Shanahan, I started MAN v FAT when I lost over 60lbs and realised that there was naff all help for men who wanted to lose weight.


  • Garry Seymour
    November 18, 2014

    Never been offended by jokes. I find all of them amusing. I like a bit of Sickipedia… No one should be safe from jokes!

  • Petr
    November 22, 2014

    😀 great 😀

  • Ptimiya
    August 19, 2017

    “Should fat people jokes be a topic for humour or is it strictly off limits?”
    Strictly off limits is sending people to prison or death sentence?
    No speech should be strictly off limits.

  • KB
    November 14, 2017


    April 25, 2018

    ur the reason why theres double doors

  • Me
    May 21, 2018

    Im fat and it wasn’t really offensive.
    I even laughed at some.

  • MadsBete
    June 11, 2018

    I took a picture of you last Christmas, and its STILL printing.

  • Amanda Neal
    August 14, 2018

    It doesn’t bother me

  • Ryan Anderson
    August 22, 2018

    Stop saying it isn’t fare and it isn’t your fault. No one put 1000 calories in your salad. You are responsible for your own breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Emelia Fart
    August 27, 2018

    sorry but all of these jokes truly suck. they’re not funny fat jokes. not even offensive enough to be amusing.

  • Emelia Fart
    August 27, 2018

    these weren’t offensive or well-written enough to be amusing. whoever wrote these is pretty boring joke teller.

  • Andrew David Tribble
    October 4, 2018

    Of course Fat people, are a Ripe For Ridicule- isn’t that why we are FAT? I’M FAT, VERY F..KING FAT, Obese really. Please laugh, I don’t ‘Mind’ in the least. Can I laugh at your False Leg/ Missing Breast/ Missing Eye/ Scared Face/ The Blood Running down face or your LEGS, please? Look at the ‘Bag Lady’, what Does she Look like? That ‘Tramp’, he has Worn Out shoes on! That ‘Retarded Man’ doesn’t even know that Someone has put a Dog Turd, in his food…..Hilarious isn’t it? Sorry but, do I sound a bit Sarcastic here? Do I maybe think, that in a ‘Free Country’ people ought to be Allowed, to do- or be- what they want, to be? Maybe that Blue Haired girl, the one that talks with a stutter, should be allowed to live her own life- free from all the Sniggering…Just a thought. The Brunette, who just ‘Stands There’, when you poke her ribs would maybe be Better left alone.

    So yes laugh, as I said above, please do. I’m Strong Enough, to Take it, You Smelly Piss Pants! When was the last time you had a Wash, let alone a bath/ shower? Sorry but you take my point, don’t you? Perhaps, the next time you see her, you might actually help, that Limping Lady. She will, I’m sure, appreciate it- you might even make a new Friend.

  • John
    October 24, 2018

    Yall must be brits

  • Ur obviously angry andrew david tribble :/
    October 29, 2018

    By insulting people who may in future insult you, you are showing to everyone your insecurities about your size, maybe you feel better by insulting them but it doesn’t make a difference seeing as we can understand that you really AREN’T strong enough to take it. And a lot of people will most likely find it hilarious as to how infuriated you may have been at the time of posting this comment and you may also happen to be a child seeing as you use insults such as ” You Smelly Piss Pants! ” which is actually grammatically incorrect as well which could lead to the possibility that you may also be bullied at school. I hope this helps you to hide how angry you are because maybe people won’t find it as funny if you didn’t really care about their insults. Also you need to learn how to use capital letters properly by the way.

  • John Jones
    October 29, 2018


  • Healthyguy13
    November 25, 2018

    A fat man goes to the doctor and says, yah see doc, the problem is that obesity runs in my family. After hearing that the doctor said, no the problem is no one runs in your family.

  • Andrew David Tribble
    December 2, 2018

    I’m Fat, not ‘a bit overweight or a tad tubby, I’m FAT I like FAT girls. If, as the Feminists of old, used to say ‘Fat Is A Feminist Issue’, then I’m with the Programme- Bring On, the BIG Girls!!!

  • Vlad
    February 25, 2019

    They are hillarious. There should be more jokes about fat people. They are lazy.

  • Person
    March 18, 2019

    So from your perspectives you’ve made sense …right?

  • her heheheh
    March 26, 2019


  • her heheheh
    March 26, 2019


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