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If you are a man who has his own battle to win against fat then you're in the right place. We want to support you for every single pound you need to lose. So here's what you should do. First off - go and take our Health Checker report. This will give you in-depth insights into where you are now and what you need to do. Work out which of the various diet plans for men is right for you. Next, head over to Talk, our weight loss forum, where you can speak to other guys who want to lose weight. Finally, read the site! Take a look at all the weight loss before and after stories from guys doing every diet you can imagine (and a few you can't).

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Amazing Loser Geoff Beckett On How MAN v FAT Helped Him Beat Yo Yo Dieting

Name: Geoff Beckett (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 5’9″ (176 cm) Job: Flight instructor Age: 40 Location: Hamilton, New Zealand Highest weight:  242 lbs (110 kg) – June 2015 Lowest weight:  202 lbs (92 kg) – Nov 2015 We are so excited to bring you Geoff’s story as he’s an authentic MAN v FAT success story. As we speak I’m finalising plans to have him stuffed, mounted and displayed in the lobby of

How To Beat Alcohol, Anxiety And Fat – Amazing Loser Dan T

Name: Dan T (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’2″ (187 cm) Job: IT Manager and owner of Local Tech, we provide remote and on-site technical support, web design and hosting services. Age: 30 Location: Clearwater, Florida Highest weight:  309 lbs (140 kg) Lowest weight:  179 lbs (81 kg) In your story there were a lot of issues piled up on top of one another. Let’s talk about the anxiety first – how did that

Celebrate International Diabetes Day With 120lb Amazing Loser Julian Porter

Name: Julian Porter (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 5’8″ (172 cm) Job: Photographer at Age: 53 Location: Southampton Highest weight:  260 lbs (118 kg) Lowest weight:  148 lbs (67 kg) So what did you know about diabetes before you got your diagnosis? I didn’t know a lot about it. I was the same as most people, I just thought it was one of those illnesses where you have to take a few tablets

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

At MAN v FAT we work with tens of thousands of men who know that something is not right. They often feel sad or angry about their body. They’re worried that their weight is already causing them health issues or will do in the future. We have dads who just want to be healthy for their kids and not to be the fat dad in the playground. We have guys who know

From Sleep Apnoea To Slim: Tim Powell’s #AmazingLoser Story

Name: Tim Powell (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’1″ (185.4 cm) Job: Software Project Manager Age: 50 Location: Utah Highest weight:  295 lbs (133.8 kg) Lowest weight:  212 lbs (96.1 kg) One aspect of your story that I love is that you did a cost comparison between being overweight and losing weight and decided that being fit and healthy made financial sense! I wanted to lose weight and a friend recommended I go along to a

Kyle Uses WeightWatchers and Healthy Changes To Hit 200lbs Loss #AmazingLoser

Name: Kyle Klobe (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 5’11” (180.3 cm) Job: Recovery Coach. I work in the field of substance abuse. I work with parents when their kids have been removed from the home. We try to get them the help that they need so they are able to get their kids back into their custody. Age: 30 Location: Granite City, Illinois Highest weight: 425 lbs (192.1 kg) Lowest weight: 241 lbs (109.3 kg)  

Win Men’s Nike Flex Experience Trainers

When you’re carrying extra weight and wanting to get into running it makes the choice of trainers critical. Quite simply, if you don’t have a quality shoe that supports your foot then you run the risk (unlol) of getting injured, which will only damage your ambitions for a healthier life. MAN v FAT doesn’t want that for you, so we’ve put together a competition for you to win the Nike