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If you are a man who has his own battle to win against fat then you're in the right place. We want to support you for every single pound you need to lose. So here's what you should do. First off - go and take our Health Checker report. This will give you in-depth insights into where you are now and what you need to do. Work out which of the various diet plans for men is right for you. Next, head over to Talk, our weight loss forum, where you can speak to other guys who want to lose weight. Finally, read the site! Take a look at all the weight loss before and after stories from guys doing every diet you can imagine (and a few you can't).

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Healthy Food Porn Eats 25 Healthy Light Lunches

Lunch is always a bit of a nightmare when it comes to food choices. It’s probably the most rushed of all the meals we eat – either as we prep it the night before, or as we dash through the local supermarket aisles with one eye watching the seconds of your precious lunch “hour” disappearing. Fortunately, Healthy Food Porn is here to help – we’ve scoured the web for 25

The 5 Scariest Findings MHF’s Gender Data Report

There’s a new report out by those too-often unsung heroes over at Men’s Health Forum, called The Gender Data Deficit In Local Health, (yeah, we know they need a course in linkbaiting their report names). It’s well worth a peruse because it’s something that all men (and women) should be making a stink about. So what’s the deal? Local authorities are not collecting NEARLY enough detail when it comes to their

Running Weight Loss Story – Iain Littler #AmazingLoser

Name: Iain Littler (ask him anything on Talk) Job: Business Recovery Administrator Height: 5′ 10″ (177.8 cm) Age: 30 Highest weight: 231 lbs (104.8 kg) Lowest weight: 148 lbs (67.1 kg) Hi Iain, now we know that no one looks good in graduation robes but you’re clearly a lot Littler now (sorry, I promise that’s the only time I’ll make that joke). I’ve heard it before! I’m sharing my story because I want everyone reading this who

The Funniest Fat Guys From Sitcoms

The funny fat guy is one of the great staples of drama even if he’s usually a supporting character; every budding hero needs his overweight court jester. The fat friend can tag along but only so long as he knows his place, and his place is a temporary one. When Price Hal becomes King Henry, former drinking buddy Falstaff gets his P 45 straight away- ‘I know thee not old

MAN v FAT is coming to North Somerset

When it comes to getting support with their weight loss we strongly believe that men have been given a raw deal in the UK and that more should be done to help them. Heck, that’s why we exist! We’re starting to push this as an urgent issue and fortunately, we are finding that all of the local authorities we speak to are acutely aware that more is needed to be done

Fitness Is Coming: Game of Thrones Workout

As any mudblood* knows, Game of Thrones (or GoT, if you’re a real nerd) is returning to our screens on Monday (Sunday, if you’re a Yank). It’s fair to say that we’re more excited than Joffrey Lannister at a public execution. Now, regardless of whether you’re feeling more like Samwell Tarly than Jamie Lannester and regardless of if you know nothing about working out, those friendly Unsullied over at British Military Fitness

Five Things Only A Fat Man Would Understand

You know we know, right? We know what it’s like to be fat and we know what it’s like to want to lose weight. But more than that, we know precisely why your thighs are hurting right now. Check it out… Did we miss any out? Take a look at the full list of 24 Worst Things About Being A Fat Man, or let us know what we missed over