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Five Best IFTTT Recipes for Weight Loss

If you don’t know how IFTTT works then let us explain it to you – oh wait, we just did! IFTTT (If That, Then This) is a website that allows you to link applications and have them communicate with each other when triggered by a predetermined action. For example, if you’re the forgetful type, you could link your phone’s wireless setting to its GPS, so that if you leave the house,

MAN v FAT Goes Hydrospinning

You can lead a man to water, but many a large bloke will agree that swimming pools are places that too many of us avoid. Even post weight loss, the walk of shame from the changing rooms to the pool is just too difficult at times. I remember before I lost weight being asked if I needed to be helped back out to sea, or warned not to jump in

We Sent One Man Into Five Shops To Try Five XXL T-Shirts – Here’s What Happened

Ok, ok, ok – we all *know* that sizes are completely off the chart stupid. We know it in our heart of hearts. That’s why we all experience that crushing gloom when we think of ourselves as an L, XL or XXL and suddenly a shop slaps us in the face and tells us, “Oh, no sugarlumps, you’re wayyyyyy worse than that.” What we wanted to show with this little experiment

MAN v FAT talks to FUBAR Radio About Weight Loss

FUBAR radio wanted to talk about all things to do with weight loss, so “devilishly handsome” editor Andrew Shanahan readied his radio voice and spoke to Balls of Steel’s Mark Dolan and uber-WAG Lizzie Cundy. Listen up… Do you think there’s a way to make this sort of conversation work? Or have you ever had your partner ask you to lose weight?

What Do Religions Say About Dieting?

As we come up to Lent, the traditional time in the Christian calendar when we prepare for Easter by going without chocolate (just as Jesus did) we thought it might be interesting to set Seamus Hilley loose to see what the world’s religions have to say on the subject of dieting. As it turns out, they have quite a lot to say… ************** Interestingly, none of the major world religions

Five Lessons The Simpsons Taught Us About Fatness

When Matt Groening conceived The Simpsons way back in the cube-gleaming, flash-dancing, jazzercising ‘80s, he somehow saw past Yuppie fads like nouvelle cuisine and exercise to successfully foresee the obesity epidemic that was set to sweep America.  By our reckoning, roughly a third of the Springfieldianites who comprised the cast of the first season could be classed as obese. Perhaps that’s part of the reason those early episodes still feel

Amazing Loser – Tony Cowards’ Weight Loss Story

Name – Tony Cowards (feel free to ask him any questions you want here) Job: Stand-up comedian and comedy writer (GQ said he was “the best joke writer around”) Height: 5’9″ (175.3 cm) Age: 41 Highest weight: 198 lbs (89.8kg) Lowest weight: 160 lbs (72.6kg) Click here to watch our chat with Tony, or see it at the bottom of this article. Here’s a good one for you – have you heard the one about the