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Happy Christmas And A Healthy New Year From MAN v FAT

Christmas is upon us, we’re winding down for some seasonal cheer (plenty of frosty breath walks in gloves and hats to offset the mince pies) and we’ll be back and blogging from the 31st December. The forum will be open all over Christmas so if you want help, to celebrate a victory or you spot something funny from the world of weight loss then head over to Talk. If you want

Essential Christmas Gifts For Men Losing Weight

Dear Santa, we know that it’s a Christmas obligation that you have to bring us pants and socks, we’ll even put up with (and eat) the Selection Box – but you might know that we’re trying to lose weight at the moment and as such we’d really like these… A month (or two, or three) of a good quality veg box From £10 for a small box (Abel and Cole or

Secret Eating Confessions

Judging by the response we’ve had to our request for your secret eating confessions (you can add yours here or email them privately if you prefer) this is a big problem for a lot of men. In this post alongside some of the confessions we’ve tried to give you some practical advice about what secret eating is and how to address it. Have you ever seen that bit in The Simpsons where Homer sits up

Stop The Press: We’ve Found A Good Non-Alcoholic Drink

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic cold drink then you’re typically left with three options: No-alcohol beers Fizzy drinks Water and cordials All of these have significant problems for guys who are looking to lose weight. No alcohol beers usually taste bloody awful. Fizzy drinks give you the option of mind-bending quantities of sugar, or the chemical lottery of artificial sweeteners. Plus, what are you 11? Water is obviously a good choice at any


  Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us in the UK Blog Awards 2015, I’m thrilled to say that out of 2,000 blogs and with 45,000 votes being cast we are in the final – posh awards dinner, the whole nine yards. THANK YOU!

Amazing Loser – Rob Gillett

Name: Rob Gillett (you can find Rob’s MAN v FAT profile here or find him on Twitter here.) Height: 5’4″ (1.63cm) Age: 28 Job: Youth worker, training to be a gym instructor. Heaviest weight: 582 lbs (264 kg) Current weight: 173 lbs (78 kg) Rob, a lot of our readers might think they recognise you from somewhere – tell them where they might have spotted you before.  I was on series

Prepare To Diet – What To Do Before January 1st

December is a tough time for those of us in the weight loss biz. We know you’re all out there eating and drinking your way up to Christmas and that when that’s done there’ll be a rush for help on Janaury 1st. Imagine Black Friday multiplied by the Battle of Balin’s Tomb and you’ll have a good idea of what it’s like for us. This post is for anyone who knows they will definitely