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Win A TomTom MultiSport Cardio Smartwatch Worth Over £250

TO WIN THE TOMTOM CARDIO MULTISPORT SMARTWATCH SIMPLY ADD YOUR EMAIL BELOW: We’ve been playing with the TomTom MultiSport Cardio and it’s going to be a tough one to give back, so… we’re not going to, instead we’re going to give it to you (provided you enter the competition above)! Let’s be clear – this new generation smartwatch is not without its flaws (most noticeably the awkward syncing process, especially with Android

10 Things MAN v FAT Learned In November

As November fades into history like abusive graffiti inked onto a school desk and we start to gear up for Marketingmas, it’s time to look back at the last month and ask ourselves exactly what we’ve learned. Anything? Nothing? Let’s see. Thing #1 – we learned that the economic cost of obesity is $2.0 TRILLION dollars. It’s really only beaten as a factor by smoking ($2.1 trill) and terrorism (also

Here’s Why Couples’ Workouts Are Rubbish

Hey! If you’ve got a partner and you both love to exercise, then a couples’ workout is just the thing for you to try!!!! That’s precisely the way this post would begin if it was one of those moronic articles written by hacks, who despite never having been to a gym, inexplicably end up writing about “fitness trends” on websites for gullible idiots. It’s this sort of carefree, four-exclamation-mark journalism that results

Honest Supplement Reviews: Warrior Greens

Product: Warrior Greens Best Price: £16.28 (+ £2.90 p&p) from The Health Bay. What does the PR say: There are a number of claims, including: Increase energy support Support healthy stress regulation Help detoxify and cleanse the body Support healthy sleep Balance body pH levels Promote healthy aging Allow your body to function at an advanced level Reviewed by: Matthew Spurling. So – would Warrior Greens help me to lose weight? It’s a

Amazing Losers – Joe Hester

Age 44 Height: 5’ 10″ (177.8 CM) Heaviest weight 394 lb (178.7 KG) Lowest weight 174 lb (78.9 KG) Job: Owner of Want to speak to Joe? Here’s his MAN v FAT profile.  There’s something about Joe Hester. Whether it’s the slight smile that plays on his face like he’s thinking of a joke, the American South accent, or the fact that sometimes he hides in a closet and sings songs with his

Future Amazing Loser – Sam Jordan

Meet the ever-cheerful Sam Jordan and hear his weight loss story. Sam is 28, recently married to Helen and has already lost 14lb (6.35kg) by focusing on his exercise routine. MAN v FAT got the chance to chat with Sam and in a wide-ranging conversation we covered: Finding good local authority gyms (and saving a fortune!) How he’s getting into Krav Maga and surviving the classes Hookers in Vegas (no really!) Feeling annoyed when you

Five Really Fat Animals

You know what they say – misery loves company, so today we’re ditching the clever words and the insightful analysis forgetting about our own battle with weight and instead we’re going to bear witness to five really, really fat animals. Enjoy. This is a really fat orangutan.  Go on. Try and deny the truth of that heading. You can’t can you? Those embarrassing pool pictures Of course you can make