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Would You Like A Free MRI Designed For Bigger Guys?

One of the consequences of being overweight or obese is that things other people take for granted, like travelling on a plane, or buying a pair of trousers is suddenly fraught with problems. Take, for example, getting an MRI scan. It might be that you’ve damaged your knee, twisted your ankle or you have a problem with your shoulder or back – an MRI scan could tell you what’s what

Does Happify Work?

Happify is the latest in a long line of online solutions to attempt to cure our brains. As men who want to lose weight there is more often than not a mental element to our battles against fat – whether it’s stress at work, negative thought patterns or something more deep-rooted. We asked MAN v FAT member and self-professed grumpy so-and-so Bear to take a look and see if it could make him

Weight Loss Transformations – Terrell Clemens #AmazingLoser

Name: Terrell Clemens (ask him anything on Talk) Job: Tyre technician Height: 6′ (182.9 cm) Age: 26 Location: Philadephia Highest weight: 280 lbs (127 kg) Lowest weight: 180 lbs (81.6 kg) Like a lot of Amazing Losers, your story started out with a negative, which you managed to turn into a positive. What happened? Ultimately, my weight loss was for a girl. The mother of my only child to be specific. She broke up with me a

Win A Weight Loss Boot Camp For Two With Xtreme Worth Over £1,200

Get excited: we have not one, but two, places up for grabs on the amazing Xtreme Boot Camps, the toughest and most effective fitness boot camp in the UK. Anyone who has been following #ProjectGarry (and if not, you can see it all here and here) will know that boot camps are really effective and Xtreme Boot Camps are among the best in the world. They promise that if you give them a week of real effort

10 Genuinely Surprising Things About Weight Loss

Men’s Health Week starts today and sees a number of initiatives helping to address the horrifying statistic that one in five men dies before he reaches 65. To support this MAN v FAT wants to get over 1,000 men to take our Health Report this week. It’s a simple, three minute quiz which provides you with an in-depth report on how you compare to other men your age. Give it

Share Your Best Recipes: Sweet Potato and Tomato Soup

Over on the forum Jaxom is a popular guy who’s always up for supporting other MAN v FAT members with their weight loss. He’s also a terrific cook, so we challenged him to put together a soup recipe after he claimed that he could make one better than a certain well-known soup brand’s tomato soup. Do you have a great healthy recipe? Share it with us! Creamy Tomato Soup Makes 4-6 servings (1200g

Comedian Trolls Friend With Diet Text Scam

Freddy Quinne is currently going gym-less on MAN v FAT in an effort to beat the fat and it seems like it’s also giving him inspiration for trolling his fellow comedian Damion Larkin. After losing his phone Freddy took advantage of having an anonymous number (or “a burner” as the kids who’ve watched The Wire probably don’t call it) to send some diet-related texts. We’re sharing it because not only is it hilarious, but