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Is The Eatwell Plate About To Change? Professor Kevin Fenton Interview Exclusive

Professor Kevin Fenton is the Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England. That means he’s the man responsible for a number of health campaigns that aim to help men to beat fat. MAN v FAT got the chance to talk to him about his views on obesity, carbs, the ever-controversial Eatwell Plate and whether enough is being done to support men.  Hi Kevin, thanks for taking the time to

Get your exclusive preview of The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual

Are you ready to lose weight? Sick of diet books that tell you to quit carbs, buy expensive equipment or follow complicated plans? So were we. That’s why we wrote the MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual, a no bullshit account of everything you need to lose weight forever, with no tricks, diets or gimmicks. We’ve got an exclusive free preview for MAN v FAT readers. Simply click on the

Amazing Loser – Jon Calvo

Age: 25 YouTube Star 5’6″ (167 cm) Heaviest weight: 340lb (154.2 kg) Lowest weight: 152lb (68.9 kg) Why were the videos so popular? I think part of the reason they gained a lot of success is because it’s just a story of hope. I think people just need to see that hope is possible. In their own lives maybe they didn’t think it was possible or they gave up on themselves.

Future Amazing Loser – Adam Windass

It’s the same for everyone – before you become an Amazing Loser, by default you are a Future Amazing Loser. This week we’re speaking to Adam Windass (or Adamski as he goes by on the forums) to ask him about his weight loss, what he knows that trips him up, to share what he’s learned so far and find out what he’s planning to do next. You can see Adam at

What Do You Want From A MAN v FAT Class?

We’ve had a great response to the idea that we floated about MAN v FAT classes. It seems there’s a lot of you out there who don’t relish the idea of joining Weight Watchers, but still see the value that you could get from a weekly class. This is great as it fits in with what the Big Fat Survey told us as well. As part of our ongoing research

Win Five Copies Of Fat Man To Green Man

Following on from Ira Rainey’s Amazing Loser story, which told about his transition from a fat man to running the punishing Green Man ultramarathon I’m very pleased to say we have five copies of the book up for grabs. To win a copy just tell us in the comments or on email what Ira’s website is called – we’ve given you a little hint there… The first five out of