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MAN v FAT Talks Male Weight Loss With Australian TV

On the MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual promo tour, we’ve reached Australia, where I got the chance to talk men and weight loss with David Campbell from Channel 9 Mornings. FUN TRIVIA: As we were talking all I could hear was Foreigner sound-checking As Cold As Ice, which is why I look a bit confused at various points (that and because it’s just what my face looks like). Click here to

How Do You Beat The Beer Belly?

Beer: the heavenly-hopped beauty gives us so much that it seems churlish to ever say a bad word about her – but as well as the dubious gift of hangovers, there is another present that we’d all far rather not receive, the beer belly. We get a lot of question about how to get rid of the beer belly at MAN v FAT and the simple answer is that the

Come to the UK Blog Awards 2015 With Us

So as you may remember (because we didn’t shut up about it for an entire month) we are shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards 2015 as the best Health Blog in the UK. We’re thrilled, frankly, to be shortlisted out of around 2,000 blogs and with over 45,000 votes it’s a bit jaw-dropping really. Anyway, the UK Blog Awards have a big shindig in That London on 17th April 2015

Amazing Loser: Chris Hewitt’s Weight Loss Story

Name: Chris Hewitt (say hi to him here) Age: 40 Job: I work in supply chain for a pipe manufacturer Height: 6ft (182.88 cm) Highest weight: 348lb (158 kg) Lowest weight: 181.8lb (82.5 kg) Finding motivation to lose weight comes in many forms – what was it that drove you? When I decided to lose weight there was nothing really that forced me. My health was ok, or at least as good

The Day The Diet Died

Welcome to the day the diet died. According to a survey of 2,000 women, January 22nd * is the most common day that our diets are binned. A whopping 83% of women say that three weeks is the average length of time they manage to stick to a diet. Other interesting results from the survey include the fact that the typical woman goes on three diets a year, losing 7lbs each

MAN v FAT Goes Broga

One of the many surprises that the Big Fat Survey brought up was the different forms of activity that men were interested in getting involved in. We didn’t think that yoga would get much of a look-in, but more than 13% of you were interested in getting your downward-facing dog on, so when we had the chance to do some Broga, we got Steve Morrison to dust off his stretch pants and get

Are Secret Calories Making You Fat?

Secret calories – ooooh, it sounds exciting! It’s not. It’s really not. It’s essentially all the things that we put into our mouths without really thinking about it. Nick a chip from the kids’ dinner? Squodge of mayo that you don’t track? Yep – they’re secret calories. But don’t take my word for it – take this weirdo’s word for it: Is this something that affects your weight loss? Are