How A Year of MAN v FAT Football Has Changed My Life

As the MAN v FAT Football leagues around the country start to shape up for January launches, it’s inevitable that new players will feel a bit nervous about what to expect. Fortunately, we’ve had some brilliant perspectives from the players and we’ve even seen the difference that it’s made to some of the coaches. Fox Hollies […]

My First MAN v FAT Football Season

With MAN v FAT Football leagues launching all over the country in September and more launching in January (have a look at the leagues here and register to play) we wanted to give you an insight into what that first league season is like. Who better to give their perspective than Pete West who has […]

What’s It Like To Be Part Of A MAN v FAT Football League?

It’s all well and good for us to tell you why you should join MAN v FAT Football and what it’s like, but what do the players themselves think of it? We asked Andy Gallon to provide a warts and all view of the experience.  *********** As I stood in a sports hall, surrounded by some […]