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Amazing Loser – Tony Cowards’ Weight Loss Story

Name – Tony Cowards (feel free to ask him any questions you want here) Job: Stand-up comedian and comedy writer (GQ said he was “the best joke writer around”) Height: 5’9″ (175.3 cm) Age: 41 Highest weight: 198 lbs (89.8kg) Lowest weight: 160 lbs (72.6kg) Click here to watch our chat with Tony, or see it at the bottom of this article. Here’s a good one for you – have you heard the one about the

Future Amazing Loser – Sam Jordan

Meet the ever-cheerful Sam Jordan and hear his weight loss story. Sam is 28, recently married to Helen and has already lost 14lb (6.35kg) by focusing on his exercise routine. MAN v FAT got the chance to chat with Sam and in a wide-ranging conversation we covered: Finding good local authority gyms (and saving a fortune!) How he’s getting into Krav Maga and surviving the classes Hookers in Vegas (no really!) Feeling annoyed when you