Calories in Starbucks Christmas drinks 2021

calories in starbucks christmas drinks

Picture the scene: you’re out doing your Christmas shopping, it’s cold, your wallet is groaning and you’re bored of schlepping around yet another department store’s gift section. And then you see the welcoming arms of the Starbucks siren, beckoning you in for a warming coffee. Starbucks Christmas drinks are everyone’s festive favourites and they’re back […]

Calories in Costa Christmas drinks 2021

costa christmas drinks calories

Ready for Christmas? No? Well, tough, nevermind that we’ve only just stumbled into November. It’s John Lewis advert, Christmas songs in shops and high street coffee shop Christmas drinks time whether you like it or not. They’re everyone’s festive favourites and they’re back for 2021, and if you’re looking for Costa Christmas drinks calories, we’ve […]