WTF is palm oil, anyway? – The MVF Newsround 22/11/18

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Exciting MVFF news, managing stress and festive bakes. Welcome to the Newsround!

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

Introducing MAN v FAT: Extra Time! Here at MAN v FAT, not only are we dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, we are dedicated to helping you celebrate them. There are four new MAN v FAT-tastic methods of celebration launching in 2019 and 2020.

  • The MAN v FAT Festival: AKA the ultimate party. The MVF Festival is an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate successes, to toast to and help each other practice good wellbeing. The festival will be held late spring/early summer 2019 and we’d love for you to be there.
  • MAN v FAT Football Top Scorer Invitational – Think you’re top dog? Now’s your chance to prove it. We’re inviting the top scorers from around the country to show us who’s best.
  • MAN v FAT Football 11s – The players you know and love, just more of them!
  • MAN v FAT International 2020 – This is an absolutely awesome opportunity to represent your country in association with our global partners.

Keep your eyes and ears open for further details from your coaches and check out our post explaining everything in more detail here. Hope to see you soon!

I’d like to give a humungous congratulations to MVFF player and forum user @Andrew_Field. 11 months and 17 days was all it took to lose 10 stone – wow! Great work on not only achieving your goal 6 weeks early but also landing your dream job. Congratulate him over on the forums here.

In other news…

‘Tis almost the season to be jogging… If you’re keen to not let festivities ruin your fun and you just so happen to love a seasonal event – boy, do I have the race for you! The Eggnog Jog is a virtual race taking place from the 1st December to Christmas Eve. All you need to do is pledge to do a mile a day at your own pace – walk, jog or run your way. You can even step up the pace for your chance to win some prizes. Find out more here.

Stressed? Probably. Turns out almost 3 out of 4 Brits suffer from stress. Research conducted by AXA shows that work, health and worrying about our kids are our top causes of stress. 24% of participants opt for exercise as a stress release, which is healthy and definitely better than my stress release which involves ice cream and lots of it. Check out the Stress Management Society’s best exercises for improving mental health here.

Poundland has been criticised for selling appetite suppressants. Has ‘diet culture’ gone too far? Tell us what you think over on the forum.

What we’re reading

I’m sure you’ve seen Iceland’s ‘banned’ Christmas advert (and the primate strolling the streets of London), but what exactly is palm oil?  Men’s Health explains what it is and how we can reduce our consumption, if that’s something that interests you.

What we’re talking about over on the MAN v FAT Forum

Is 40 the new 20? @Nathan_Hind is asking whether any other men decided that forty-something was the time to change and why.

If 40 is the new 20, what’s the new 20? @Biffa94 took some inspiration from the above post and wanted to know where the twenty-somethings are. Young men unite!

Is obesity a mental health problem? @Andy_Gallon is wondering whether we (as a society) should be treating obesity as not only physical ill-health but a mental health problem like gambling/alcohol addiction or depression. I think this is an important subject and am definitely interested in hearing your opinions as I’m sure Andy is. Join the conversation here.

What we’re eating and drinking

Iceland and Greggs are collectively bringing the festive vibes, making the Festive Bake available for piping hot consumption in your own home. At 450 kcal, they’re not an everyday snack for sure but a cheeky festive bake without having to battle the Christmas crowds sounds too good to be true. Imagine having the willpower to not touch it, and crack out a festive bake in the height of summer. They’re two quid each or 2 for £3 right now. Get them while they’re uh, cold?

Quote of the week

“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods” – Unknown

How doesn’t matter, just so long as you keep going at it.



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