One of the consequences of being overweight or obese is that things other people take for granted, like travelling on a plane, or buying a pair of trousers is suddenly fraught with problems. Take, for example, getting an MRI scan. It might be that you’ve damaged your knee, twisted your ankle or you have a problem with your shoulder or back – an MRI scan could tell you what’s what and get you the right treatment. But have you ever seen an MRI machine that’s designed for bigger blokes?


The picture on the right is of a conventional MRI scanner. The eagle-eyed among you might have already spotted where the problem for bigger chaps lies. In short, the tube you have to fit in on a normal scanner has a very small area which you are expected to ‘slide’ through.

Conventional machines are designed for anyone up to 135kg or 297 lbs – that’s roughly 21 stone. And if you’re not 21 stone but you’re still carryign extra weight that can still be a really, really tight fit. With some MRI scans taking up to an hour, it means that bigger guys are spending a long time, sweating it out in a very tight spot. Not. Nice.

That’s why we’re really excited to bring you a unique offer. We’re looking for one MAN v FAT reader to test out a new type of scanner: the Hitachi Oasis open scanner that’s just been unveiled by InHealth. Unlike a normal MRI the Oasis can take anyone up to 300kg (661 lbs, just over 47 stone). Plus, there’s no claustrophobia-inducing tube, it is designed to deliver a much more comfortable experience with a clearance of 82cm between the table you are lying on and the scanner. This machine also allows you a 270 degree view throughout the procedure.


We’re especially thrilled that this is now on offer as in the past it’s been recommended that overweight men are sent to the zoo for this sort of procedure. Are we kidding? No, we’re not.

So we want a reader to go and review the Oasis scanner, get a free MRI and give MAN v FAT readers a scoop on how it all works and what it’s like.

You need to be:

  • Overweight or obese
  • Need an MRI scan (you will need to be referred by your GP)
  • Worried about using a conventional MRI
  • Able to get to Croydon

Then get in touch and let us know that you fit the criteria and we’ll set you up with a completely free treatment. In return, all you have to do is agree to review it for us.

Please note that our usual Terms and Conditions apply and that this is likely to be very popular so get in touch as soon as possible.