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We love a good book here at MAN v FAT, but how do you choose what to read? Well, how about if we told you that there’s a new book called Before and After out in January which is not only written by MAN v FAT founder Andrew Shanahan, but is also about weight loss and…the end of the world. Sound good? Course it does.

Before and After book cover

Before and After is described as an end of the world weight loss epic. Imagine putting Rocky, I Am Legend and Bridget Jones’ Diary in a blender and drinking the delicious, calorie-free smoothie it would produce and you’ll have a rough idea of what lies in store for readers. Also, for legal reasons please don’t actually make that smoothie, because it will literally kill you.

To celebrate the release of Before and After we’ve got an author Q and A below and we’re also giving you a chance to get your hands on some great gear to help you survive your own weight loss apocalypse.

The bundle includes:

Sony Wireless Headphones – perfect for blocking out the sounds of grunting at the gym.

Fitbit Aria Scales – the best smart scales to help you easily track and inspire your weight loss.

Camelbak Water Bottle – a beautifully designed water bottle to reduce your waste and ensure you stay hydrated.

A signed copy of Before and After when it’s out in January 2020

Before and After Author Q and A

We spoke to Andrew to find out about the book and how you can get your hands on it…

First off, tell us about the book, what is an end of the world weight loss epic?

Before and After is a book about a man called Ben Stone who is 610 lbs at the start of the book and is terrified because he is having to be taken into hospital to have his leg amputated. He has not left his flat in nine years because of his weight and anxiety issues. The only way that the council can get him out of his flat is by taking the front off his building and lifting him out by crane. He’s obviously scared about what’s happening, but he’s also worried about what will happen to his dog. Fortunately, he needn’t worry as before anything happens the world ends.

Why have you written this book?

Since starting MAN v FAT I worked out that I’ve spoken to and interviewed over 5,000 men about weight loss. At the end of every one of those conversations, it always struck me that the sheer heroism of weight loss is never really celebrated. Then you think about the heroes that we get presented with in books and films and none of them are even remotely fat. My aim was to create an unusual hero who is suffering, but who sees an opportunity for hope. In part that’s to honour all those people who have lost weight or tried to lose weight, but it’s also to encourage those who perhaps feel lost with regard to their weight.

When can we buy it?

It’s out in January 2020 and it will be available from Amazon as an e-book or as a paperback. If you register for notifications from Hello Shan then you’ll also get information about a very limited offer about how you can get a free copy, but that’s only for special people who sign up.


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WIN The Ultimate Healthy Gadget Bundle With New Book Before And After

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