Win A State of the Art Tanita Body Composition Monitor Worth £200

If you’re planning to lose weight you’ll want a pair of scales that help you track the important data. We’re very pleased to give away a pair of the Tanita BC-601. These scales are amazing because they give you a richer picture of what your body is up to in terms of weight, muscle, fat and hydration. 

bc-601The scales incorporate the latest segmental technology to analyse the body in five segments: the arms, legs and core abdominal area, providing you with in-depth information on body fat and muscle mass percentages. Segmental body composition analysis is ideal for enhancing sports performance as it allows you to identify any physiological and biomechanical imbalances and tailor your regime to improve fat and muscle mass distribution.

Results are shown on an extra-large LCD colour display and the handset features a retractable cord ensuring it fits snugly into the main unit. Body composition data for up to four users is automatically stored on the SD card and can be downloaded onto a computer where it can be viewed and managed using the free Tanita Bodyvision software. For a more in-depth analysis of your data including extended graphs, the BC-601 can also be used with GMON Personal software.

If you’re using body fat as a target for your weight loss you should aim for a loss of no more than 1-2% of your total body fat per month. Be realistic. And be good to yourself! This isn’t a quick fix and it will require gradual changes to your diet and lifestyle rather than drastic action, misery and deprivation. Steadily increase the amount of exercise as you progress and take a good look at your diet, making small changes on a weekly basis to coincide with your exercise programme.

Don’t forget that when you begin a new exercise routine your weight may increase slightly, especially if it includes resistance training. This is because the new muscle tissue you are building is denser than fat. But don’t worry, as the muscle mass increases your body fat percentage will decrease and this will show in your body composition measurements – helping you to stay motivated!

So what are you waiting for – enter now and get measuring!

Win State of the Art Tanita Scales

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I'm Andrew Shanahan, I started MAN v FAT when I lost over 60lbs and realised that there was naff all help for men who wanted to lose weight.

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