Fitness expert Alwyn Cosgrove wrote an article entitled The Hierarchy of Weight Loss, which featured this little revelation: three groups of overweight subjects – dieters, dieters doing aerobics and dieters doing aerobics plus weight training – were monitored over twelve weeks. During that time, dieters lost 14.6 pounds. Aerobic dieters lost a whole pound more (thanks to 36 exercise sessions lasting up to 50 minutes. Each) but as for those who added weight training to that regime, they lost a whopping 21.1 pounds of fat.ArnoldSchwarzenegger (1)

So that’s why, even if you know in your heart of hearts you’re never going to win any bodybuilding prizes, it’s time to think about pumping some iron – and here’s five reasons to think about it very seriously indeed.

Reason 1:  Boosting your metabolic rate

Not only are you going to build muscle and burn off those calories much faster during a weightlifting session, that burn rate isn’t going to slow down once you step out of the shower and back into your  clothes again. In fact, that burn can continue for up to thirty hours – or more.

Reason 2: Changing your body composition

Just exercising to lose weight results in weight loss (duh!) … but doesn’t guarantee a change of body shape. Sadly, no matter how much you do in the way of ordinary exercise, the ratio of muscle mass to body fat is generally going to remain just about the same. Weight training, on the other hand, is going to change that ratio, thereby changing the way your body looks – for the better.

Reason 3:  Your adrenal glands are working for you

Once you start your routine, you’ll start to feel charged up inside – that’s your adrenals kicking in, producing epinephrine and norepinephrine which help metabolise fat while increasing blood flow. The more you work, the more they work … and the more the fat melts away.

Reason 4: Muscle tissue burns calories faster than fat

Both muscle and fat need to burn off calories every day, but muscle tissue burns off way more calories. The more muscle you’ve got, the more calories you burn. You do the math.

Reason 5: Feeling better in yourself

It could be because you’ve set yourself a weight-training target and achieved it, or because you’ve set yourself a weight loss target and achieved that. Or it could be just because you know you’re stronger and in generally better shape now than you’ve been for a long while.

Whatever the reason, weight training is definitely going to make you feel much better about yourself – more than any amount of dieting or aerobics.

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