With the magazine and website getting an overhaul in the next couple of months our Weight Loss Diaries have moved online. Today, meet Paul Dolman-Darrall who is in the final stages of his diet, which as you’ll see has already met with considerable success…


Paul Dolman-Darrall


Boston Cream Pie – Not Safe For Diets

Age: 37
Height: 5’8
Diet: 5:2, Weekly Calorie Control, Focus T25, Insanity
Diet Started: 21st December 2013
Location: London, UK
Heaviest Weight: 210lbs (95kg)
Current Weight: 160lbs (73kg)

Saturday August 9th – The blimp flies

I arrive in Boston, Massachusetts to find weighing scales in my hotel room (two sets!). Oh well, the family holiday has just turned into fat camp. Following a 230-day streak of weighing myself, I won’t be able to resist checking in.

74.1kg! How have I put on 3kg during the flight? I stand back, flabbergasted. It took two months, eighteen days of starving, forty-eight hours of exercise to lose that weight. Weight loss is hard work as I near my ideal weight.

I skid across the heated Italian marble bathroom tiles, pondering why they would be on in this heat. Maybe the other scales will give me a better result!


Clearly broken. Lower is always more reliable.

So it is official. Just being in America causes you to gain weight. I haven’t even dived into the infamous Boston Cream Pies yet. A pudding cake combination comprised of two layers of sponge cake filled with vanilla flavoured crème patisserie, topped with a chocolate ganache glaze. I digress.

“Sunday Brunch at the Blue Room in the morning!” Shouts Laura from the other room interrupting my thoughts. “Come and see the menu.”

Thursday August 14th – Evil food corporations

What a miserable day. Pouring with rain from the off. Have taken refuge in a ‘Trader Joe’s’ supermarket.

“It’s a grand slam snack. Bases are loaded with caramel coated popcorn & peanuts, almonds, cashews & pecans”

The front of the packet alone in the past would have been enough to convince me of its crunchy, buttery, nutty goodness. Having read the nutritional label I knew better.

It’s laced with raw cane sugar (first ingredient), tapioca syrup and molasses. Unrefined sugar appears healthy. It has a lower GI, but sugar is sugar.

Only 160 calories per serving. That won’t break myfitnesspal.

‘Serving size – 2/3rd of a cup’. Is that a joke? Even if I knew what a cup size was, why would I eat 2/3rds?

‘Servings per container – 1.5’. So I don’t even get to finish the packet. Who writes these labels? Why are we in decimals now? What am I meant to do with the leftovers? Is this a maths exam?. Food companies may be evil. But it’s the nutritional label writer who’s the mastermind.

First bite reveals it is too sickly even for me. That’s $2.99 wasted! But on the plus side, at least 160 calories saved.

Sunday August 17th – Recovery gadgets

Awoke this morning with muscle soreness. Still suffering from playing tennis against Agassi. He may as well have been Agassi given how convincingly he beat me. Thinking about buying an Xbox One to recover.

Not only can I experience ‘awesome’ workouts with instant personalized feedback on Xbox Fitness. But it’s also pay no sales tax weekend in Massachusetts (why don’t we have those?)

“Just remember, you physically have to get the stuff onto the tube”, Laura responds when I have the temerity to suggest the idea. I hadn’t thought about the journey back home.

I’ve purchased many essential weight loss gadgets over the last six months. Essential, love that word. A Xbox One would be the crème de la crème of the collection. Well, until I can justify a £12,000 purchase on a bod pod (ManvFat Issue 2).

For now, not sure I can even justify the price of the Xbox One. I’ve only lost one type of pounds in the US and I can’t afford to lose any more of them.