So, the mag is being redesigned as we speak (or, rather as I type), which means that it could potentially be another month or so before you hear from our Weight Loss Diarists. We couldn’t have that so we’ve asked them to blog their latest updates. First up: Jason. Don’t forget to comment underneath the post…


AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6’3” (190.5 CM)

Here we go now! 41 lbs down now! This month has been a little slower than anticipated, but that was due to familial obligations, lots of summer get-togethers, and a few too many evening dinners with friends. Now that summer is over my schedule can stabilize a bit and I can begin pushing more and more towards my long-term goals.jason

I am beginning to notice substantial changes to my body. While I am still grossly fat, I am beginning to find weird gaps in my previously completely spherical figure. My supposition is that these are fat deposits that are melting away, and pretty soon the larger ones will begin to go. Co-workers have begun to point out that I have a much more pronounced “overhang” and that my pants are very loose. This whole overhang issue needs to be solved, but it is vastly superior to having the remarkable abdominal protuberance which was once my trademark.

Even though my “gains” (or more accurately “losses”) have not been as substantial as I would like them to have been this summer, other things are beginning to crystallize in life that I chalk-up to the Man V Fat-inspired lifestyle changes. Firstly, I feel pretty amazing all of the time, unless I am eating things I should not. As long as I keep my diet under tight control, I am capable of pushing myself very far physically, both in terms of physical and mental endurance, as well as in habit building and “sticking to my guns.”  Finding a schedule that really works for you is vital in order to make sure it is something you stick to.

I have found that I am using more technological means to track my behavior and control my intake and schedule. In addition to the LoseIt App (and their pretty brilliant Bluetooth scale), I have also started using “Ways of Life” to build habits. This allows me to set up timed checklists and set reminders for everything from the time I take my supplements to “Did you walk this morning?”  While it may not be helpful for others, I find it very nice to have a checklist of things to do before going to bed, to make sure I am not missing anything.Koh Nang Yuan

Small personal victory this month: I recently got back from a trip to Koh Samui, a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand, and I took a domestic flight there. To my surprise and amazement, I actually FIT in the airline seat! While it was snug, it was not the torture device it once was when I begin this great experiment some months back.

I keep making progress and keep climbing higher. I make mistakes and then get up and dust myself off again. I would like to thank all of those who contribute to the incredibly useful Man V Fat forums, because it is to them I owe the credit for the modest success I have had thus far. If you are just beginning this journey, go create an account on the forums and start posting!

The guys there are hugely helpful and will give you their very candid advice on whatever health-related topic you may have. Everyone is hugely encouraging, and most importantly, has been there before (or is still there, climbing out of their fat-suit alongside you). You will not find a single person who says, “I don’t understand why you can’t just control your intake,” or “What is so difficult about this?” because of them has come through the same journey, and fought through the same pitfalls, as you have. Keep strong! You can do it!