We call them Amazing Losers, but you might know them more simply as weight loss before and after case studies. Whatever you call them these are some of the most amazing weight loss transformations ever achieved by men. We’ve gone out there and interviewed these guys to try and get to the bottom of exactly how you become a successful loser.Weight loss before and after Don’t forget that every single one of these Amazing Losers is a member of the MAN v FAT site. If you want to ask them a more in-depth question about how they lost the weight, or simply tell them well done and show them your progress then search for them over on Talk, our weight loss forum. At MAN v FAT we know that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got 10 lbs to lose or 1000 lbs – the battle can be just as hard. We also know that it helps to have weight-loss before and after stories from all different angles – the chances are you want to find a testimonial that fits your situation.

For that reason we’ve tried to split these up into different content angles – so you can find a number of different angles from big losers, to older losers – and yes, we’re using the word loser in its more positive meaning here. Enough rambling – let’s get on with the weight loss success stories. If you know someone who should be featured here then get in touch. We’re always looking to feature new guys who can inspire the rest of us!

Fresh Off The Press – Most recent weight loss before and after stories

Big Guys – Massive weight loss before and after transformations

From Fat To Fit – ripped weight loss before and after stories

Death’s Door – overcoming illness weight loss before and after stories

If you want more help with your weight loss then ask for help over at our weight loss forum. Alternatively, you could try our free Health Checker, which gives you a full, anonymous report into how your own health is doing. Don’t forget that there are a range of diet plans for men that have been reviewed to say how they work and whether they’re worth your time. Finally, there’s always the excellent NHS Choices website.