Week 2 – and my weight today is 158.9 KG down from 163.3KG. And to be honest I’ve done fairly little.

In fact I have had a cheat meal and intend to have one tomorrow (seeing a long lost friend!).

I have used my fitness pal and kept my calories under 2200 per day and I have been finding that I nearly always go 300/400 calories under that – and not feel hungry.

But it hasn’t been all great. I am currently suffering from massive sugar withdrawal – but I decided to have three boiled sweets (under 100 calories for the three) and it seems to have helped. I haven’t felt like this before, may be my body is getting used to less sugar or something.

I am also starting to deal with my emotional eating. I’m not hungry, but I can always eat!

I know what to do when I’m bored hungry; but happy hungry – i.e reward or something nice as happened and I want to top it up still persists. I need to tackle that next.

I would really, really like some nice breakfast and dinner recipes from you. Cheap and low calorie, with some veggies.

Thanks guys!

This site has really helped me – and this is the longest duration of a diet change I have ever stuck too. And I’m literally amazed at how a little self-control can really help.

Cheers 🙂