Well Week Three didn’t go so well for me.

I feel embarrassed writing this – I was going to wait until the end of this week before I wrote about my progress.

I went away for a couple days and I ate and drank a lot of unhealthy stuff – and I became quite down.

But I realised a few things:

One of my triggers is celebration. I use food/alcohol to get happier I guess, to top up the celebration.

I am not eating tons like I used to. I was genuinely eating and drinking junk.

I am a sugar addict. Undoubtedly.

I felt guilty, but I made a promise to start fresh this week and I have. And it’s going well – I’m back to tracking my weight on myfitnesspal and I am back at the gym. I have been twice and it feels tough, but enjoyable.

Anyways, my weight at the beginning of this week was 159.2 KG so I did increase in weight.

I’m back on track, I hope – and reading the stories on here and in the magazine has inspired me. Mainly through jealousy! I joke, but I’m eager to get my weight under control.

Thanks guys