Hello there, 20 weeks in and 32 weeks til this year ends.

Having lost a couple of lbs the week prior I was ready to extend beyond that 2st lost marker and thankfully this week everything went right.

20 weeks in and the scales which once started at 316lb (22st 8lb or 143.34KG) popped up the numbers 284lb (20st 4lb or 128.8KG)

week 20 284lb - 4 lost - 32lb total

A glorious 4lb lost – hadn’t seen that number since the first 4 weeks and now I can see a really magical target number.  Dipping below the 20 stone.

Hopefully that will be achieved in the next couple of weeks, then with the mindset of n-n-n-n-nineteen I can remind myself this was in the ballpark of my old workout time weight and up the ante properly.

So with 32lb gone the Easy as 123 quest would ask me to lose 91lb in 32 weeks (almost 3lb a week)

We’ll have to see if I’m made of the right stuff or not, but the mind just read that back and didn’t think ‘no chance’, instead it thought ‘Lets go to work!!’

On those final words I am just enjoying a Quentin Tarrantino / Reservoir Dogs moment in my head

…..And the feet are back on the ground again

Genuinely though to achieve in the year would be magical, but if it doesn’t happen, as long as its going the right way, for me, my body, my health and some lucky lady out there….it can only be a good thing 🙂

Hope you are all sticking with it and keeping to the plan, as with many things, effort equals results xx