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Talking TALKS, avoiding beetroot, getting clued up about diabetes and scoffing low-cal desserts – that was the week that was with the MAN v FAT Newsround…


The first session of our new MAN v FAT TALKS series kicked off on Tuesday and it was a great success, with guest speaker physio Mark Endacott and MAN v FAT Football MD Tim taking the reins to deliver an insightful hour of tips and tricks for helping to avoid injury, with 3 lucky players bagging a 1:1 slot with Mark to discuss their progress in detail. Thanks again to Mark and thanks to all that tuned in – if you’re a MAN v FAT Football player and you missed it, you can find the video in the MAN v FAT Football official players group on Facebook.

The next TALKS session will be next Thursday 21st November with sports scientist Neal Lattimore, who will be delivering a session all about calorie deficits and why they’re so important for weight loss. Be sure to add yourself to the Facebook group if you want to join in.

MAN v FAT Football Cardiff player Matthew Maksimovic is back in the spotlight in the South Wales Argus with his journey to the Etihad for the MAN v FAT Football Festival back in July after losing a whopping 5 stone. Well done Matthew, what a transformation! Read his Amazing Loser profile from earlier this year here.


Channel 5 are looking for people to take part in a new show where they help teens and their families to lose weight. Interested? Here are all the details:


TV production company Twofour makers of ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’ for the BBC and ‘Ibiza Weekender’ for ITV2 are casting for brand new weight loss show for Channel 5 Star.

Are you and your family struggling with your weight and fancy a free personal trainer, nutritionist and your food shop covered for 6 weeks? Do you have a child aged 16-20 who would like to make this positive change?

If the answer is yes, then get in touch with us today! You can either email us or contact us via WhatsApp: newyou@twofour.co.uk / 07770173117

We look forward to helping you KICK START your new fitness journey and SET you on the right path for 2020!

‘Millions of Brits’ avoid eating certain vegetables because they don’t know how to cook them, according to a new poll from Love Beets, which sells conveniently prepared packs of beetroot in supermarkets. 46% of the 2,000 people polled say that the meals they eat lack variety, with 3 in 10 people shying away from cooking with beetroot and aubergine over fears that they may be too complicated to prepare from scratch. Love Beets are therefore trying to encourage people to ‘live colourfully’ and add more colour, taste and nutrition to their meals.


This week saw World Diabetes Day, and it got us thinking about how much we actually know about diabetes. You probably know that being overweight increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, but do you know what diabetes actually is, and what you can do to help prevent it? We teamed up with AXA PPP healthcare to find out: read Dealing with Diabetes – Your Questions Answered here.

Going low-carb has been a popular method for losing weight for years, but recent research seems to suggest that it shouldn’t be recommended for people wanting to lose weight, as it is ‘unsafe’ and ‘unsustainable’ for a long-term diet. Read more about the study here.


Vegan Galaxy chocolate

Vegans rejoice! Galaxy have launched a vegan chocolate bar range, so if you’ve been having chocolate withdrawals head to Tesco from the 18th November to pick up a bar. They’re made from rice milk and come in three flavours – caramel and sea salt, caramelised hazelnut and smooth orange. They’re also wrapped in recyclable and compostable packaging – hurrah.

The downsides? They’re slightly higher in calories than regular Galaxy chocolate, ranging from 596-599 calories per 100g and they’re £3 each. The caramel and sea salt variety has also had a scathing review from the i, with the author stating that it ‘tastes a little bit like licking a polyester tracksuit on a hot day’. Ouch.

Halo Top chilled pots

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, here’s another product to add to your snacking arsenal – Halo Top Pots. The low-cal ice cream makers, perhaps sensing that it is too damn cold for ice cream, have brought out the chilled desserts in many different flavours – salted caramel (135 cals per pot), birthday cake (153 cals), strawberry cheesecake (142 cals), lemon cake 143 cals) and good old chocolate (143 cals). They’re mainly mousse and cake pieces which will do us quite nicely for that after-dinner dessert craving.


How amazing is this?! Well done Stephen!


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