The ultimate guide to festive drinks 2017 – part 2

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Last week we brought you the first part of our ultimate guide to this year’s festive drink offerings, featuring all the new Christmassy offerings from Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero. There was a lot of gingerbread, many different types of hot chocolate and a hell of a lot of sugar, which shocked some of our forum users.

This week we’ve got the lowdown on festive drink offerings from some other coffee shops (plus a rogue smoothie from M&S), so that if you’re tempted by any of the limited edition drinks, it doesn’t matter where you are – you can make an informed decision about whether to spend your hard earned calorie budget on them.

Festive drink

Pret a Manger

Festive Flat White

It’s a flat white, but with MINCE PIE SYRUP. What a time to be alive.

Regular: 133 calories, 3g fat, 20.5g carbs, 19.9g sugar, 5.8g protein.

Mint Hot Chocolate

Regular: 248 calories, 5.3g fat, 46.5g carbs, 44.5g sugar, 10.7g protein.

Cut the calories: Pret is usually quite good at offering milk alternatives, with soy, coconut, oat and rice milk available at their stores.

Although they haven’t published the nutritional information for ordering the Christmas drinks with different milks, if you want to cut down on cals then a surefire way to do so will be to ask for the drinks to be made with either skimmed, soy or coconut milk.

Festive drink


Spiced Cookie Latte: 174 calories, 5.7g fat, 23g carbs, 22g sugar, 7.6g protein

Toffee Latte: 183 calories, 6g fat, 25g carbs, 23g sugar, 7.7g protein

Hot Chocolate: 173 calories, 4.3g fat, 30g carbs, 27g sugar, 2.2g protein

Festive drink

Coffee #1

Annoyingly, Coffee #1 haven’t published their nutritional information on their website. We’ve asked them about it and are waiting for them to get back to us with the details, so we’ll update when we’ve got the info.

Winter Cappuccino


Gingerbread Latte

Festive drink


Chilli Hot Chocolate

Regular: 367 calories, 1g fat, 45g carbs, 43g sugar, 12g protein.

Christmas Tea

No nutritional information as of yet, but it seems like a good bet for a low-cal Christmas drink: Caffeine-free South African rooibos tea flavoured with spicy syrup and a dusting of cinnamon.

Festive drink

Marks and Spencer

If you want your Christmas pudding in liquidized form, then this is for you.

Christmas Pudding Smoothie (per 100ml): 86 calories, 1.3g fat, 15.4g carbs, 10.3g sugar, 2.7g protein.

Will you be indulging in a festive drink or two? Are they worth the calories or will you save them for a treat? Let us know what you think over on the forum. Bonus points for the first person to say it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas!


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