Not me, thankfully, but that’s how long it took these people on a TV programme I watched.

It was called Extreme Couponing!

Yes, someone made a show about people who save coupons.

Basically these people give up huge chunks of their time to saving every single coupon the can find that gives money off in the supermarket.

It’s not like finding a few in the local paper.

The enlist their kids to hunt down coupons in every place possible.

One woman spent 35 hours a week trying to scour her town for coupons.

Another spent 16 hours a week and she had a business to run.

They both had about 2 year’s worth of  stuff bought with coupons in their homes.

Their cellars looked like some emergency room in case of nuclear war.

Sauces, breakfast cereal, fizzy pop, hand creams, washing powder etc. etc.

One women even had a room filled entirely with sweets.

All bought with coupons.

When they went to the supermarket, they’d go with binders full of coupons, all of it planned with military precision.

It took them over two hours at the checkout.

After all the effort, they get about $800 worth of stuff for $30.

That’s why it’s called Extreme Couponing!

Personally, I think it’s a waste of time.

If you just worked for those hours spent couponing you’d probably earn more than you save.

And you get what you want, rather than have to make do with what’s an offer.

This woman bought 100 chocolate bars, all the same, 90 bottles of the same fizzy pop and 270 packets or orange tic tacs.

I mean, what’s the point?

I’m all for saving a few pounds here and there but surely your time, the one thing that is priceless, is worth more than a few dollars in coupons.

But they were happy with their savings, so that’s the main thing.


Now, extreme couponing can be compared to something else.

Calorie counting.

This is where someone obsesses about every single calorie in every food or drink they eat.

To the point where it gets extreme.

See my blog posts about calories here and here.

Agonising over every calorie you are eating or rejoicing over every calorie you don’t eat can be a draining experience.

As those posts above highlight, it’s not all about the number of calories anyway.

Your diet is made up of a lot more than just calories.

Whether it be protein, fats or carbohydrates there are differences in the quality of each.

There are differences in the nutritional value of foods.

If you are focussed purely on the number of calories you eat, it might be a good idea to take a wider view of your food and drink intake, rather than only see a calorie number on the label.

Just like it takes the coupon women two hours just to check out at the supermarket, you don’t want it to take you two hours to decide what to eat because you are doing mental arithmetic 🙂

Positively supporting your success,

Neil ‘Doesn’t really like tic tacs’ Ashby-Senior

PS. We do some of our shopping at Sainsbury’s, so we don’t know what a money off coupon looks like!


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