Things we learned in June

Things we learned in June

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Another month is over and it has been a corker – we won an award, held our first ever webinar and we’re also well into our Twitter World Cup of MAN v FAT Football team names. Here are the things we learned in June…

A ‘large percentage’ of men in the UK don’t go to the doctor.

Research by Gillette has found that we tend to have an ‘ostrich’ approach to our health, with many of us choosing to just wait it out. But honestly, you guys, if you’re worried about any aspect of your health just go to the bloody doctor. It’s ten minutes out of your day and one of two things will happen: you’ll be told all is fine, in which case: hurrah! Or you’ll start on the path to sorting out whatever is wrong with you, in which case: hurrah! It’s win-win. If you’re not going because you’re imagining the worst, sitting at home isn’t going to cure you though, is it?

93% of us don’t sleep well when it’s hot. 

Can confirm. Professor Cropley, a health psychologist from the University of Surrey, says the way to get over this is to work to keep your room cool – close the curtains during the day, keep your bedroom door open so air can circulate and use cotton bedsheets to increase the chances of getting some quality shuteye in the heat.

Alright so they’re not very photogenic but I can assure you that this was delicious – and 400 cals!

Subway is actually a pretty good shout for grabbing lunch on the go if you’re watching your calories

We’ve been obsessed with Subway this month after our guide to the best healthy options to get while you’re there. Want to keep the calories down? You don’t have to have a salad (unless you want to, of course), and you can still load up on cheese and that sweet, sweet honey oat bread.

Almost half of Brits have attempted a vegan diet, but most struggle to last more than three months

The reason? Lack of support from friends and family. The survey by Kellogg’s found that 88% of people agreed that it’s bloody tough to go vegan, so if one of your mates says he’s going meat-and-dairy-free, give him a high five. And if you’re wondering why Kellogg’s are the ones to be polling the country about veganism, it’s because they’ve just launched a new vegan cereal. Of course.

Things we learned in June


Football fans are boosting the economy by £350 million a day on match days.

There’s a massive spike in takeaway and beer sales when England are playing, with 59% of people surveyed by shopping app Shopmium saying they see the footie as an excuse to treat themselves to a takeaway.

Kevin Smith is a Weight Watchers ambassador.

We knew that he’d lost a lot of weight after having a heart attack, but did you know that he’s now a Weight Watchers ambassador? He joins the likes of DJ Khaled and er, Gregg Wallace, to help Weight Watchers target that one sector they’ve always fallen short in: men. Is seeing a famous man more likely to make you go to a WW meeting? We’re not sure, but regardless it’s great to see these guys losing weight and doing well.

What have you been up to in June? If you lost weight, had any non-scale victories or if you’ve learned anything interesting, we want to hear it, so come and join our trumpet-blowing thread over on the forum.







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