The mindful consumer – The MVF Newsround 16/11/18

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This week we’re mulling over the rise of the ‘mindful consumer’, taking photos of our food and wondering if a low-cal pizza base is too good to be true…

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

We got a great tweet from Paul @paulslaney13 with his progress since joining the West Brom MAN v FAT Football league and colour me impressed because just look at that graph hurtling downwards! Well done Paul and keep up the good work.


In other news…

The Men’s Health Forum is researching how to help young men with mental health issues who are struggling with employment. If you support young people to get into work, they want to hear from you – find more info and the link to the survey here.

Three-quarters of middle-aged Brits are happy to snap a photo of their meal for social media, according to new research. Despite being considered a habit of younger generations, a poll of 2,000 adults has found those aged 35-55 often upload images of their food to Instagram or Facebook. Italian food is considered the most photo-friendly cuisine. If you’re interested in how to take that perfect shot of your dinner, Instagram ‘foodie influencer’ @food_feels has shared his tips – natural lighting is key, use props to set the scene and stand up to give a bird’s eye view. So there you go.

Researchers have found that eating nuts every day may be good for weight loss. You might be wondering what kind of magical weight-loss boosting properties nuts have, but if you look closer at the two studies and go beyond the headline, you’ll see that the participants replaced foods with a lower nutritional value with a serving of nuts. This means that instead of eating french fries, desserts and processed meat, they had a handful of nuts. So, duh. Read about the studies here.

Us, deciding what to have for breakfast

What we’re reading

Waitrose has published their food and drink report for 2018-2019 and it makes for interesting reading. They’ve called this the ‘era of the mindful consumer’ thanks to a new focus on reducing plastic, eating more plant-based foods and avoiding ‘food hangovers’ by eating lighter, more nutrition-packed meals. In short, we’re more mindful of what we’re eating and this is reshaping how we shop, cook and eat. You can read the report here to find out what they reckon we’ll be eating in 2019, including bitter foods, ice cream and West African flavours.

A big trend that we’ve noticed is the rise of alcohol-free beer but did you know that low-alcohol doesn’t necessarily mean low-calorie? There are loads of them on the market now, so check out Tom from Steady Drinker’s pick of the best low-calorie, low-alcohol beers that won’t tip you over your calorie allowance and won’t give you a hangover. Result.

What we’re talking about over on the MAN v FAT Forum

Anyone ever been to Japan? Forumite @atb88 is heading over for the Rugby World Cup next year (lucky thing) and is after your sightseeing suggestions and tips for keeping the cost down. Add your recommendations here.

A pizza base for 40 cals – @admin has seen ads for Lo-Dough all over Facebook and is wondering whether it’s too good to be true. If you’ve tried it, chime in with your thoughts here.

What we’re eating and drinking

McDonald's reindeer McFlurry

McDonald’s has continued the festive food excitement by announcing its Christmas McFlurry – Maltesers Reindeer! It’s not out until the 21st November, so we’re not eating it yet, but we definitely will be. No word on the cals in this yet, but it’ll be available in the regular size (£1.29) and as a Mini McFlurry (89p). The Mini should hit the spot if you want a fairly low-cal sweet treat.


The Happy Egg Co has launched scrambled eggs in a pot, which can be microwaved for a quick protein-hit. There are three flavours – original (aka plain), cheese and bacon, and we reckon they’ll be handy for taking into work for an easy lunch accompaniment or breakfast on the go. You can find them exclusively in Asda.

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