The World Cup is just around the corner, with 32 nations from across the globe coming together to see who will lift the coveted trophy on December 18th.

The usual suspects will be favourites to be crowned victors in Qatar, but will a Winter World Cup throw up any surprises this time around?

As the competing countries prepare to board the plane and get ready for action, we’re delighted to launch the MAN v FAT World Cup of Weight Loss, giving you the chance to claim glory in the coming weeks.

How will it work?
With around 170 MAN v FAT clubs across the country, we’ve put you into groups of five or six MAN v FAT clubs and you’ll all be allocated to World Cup nations for the duration of the tournament!

We’ll be revealing which MAN v FAT clubs will be representing which World Cup nations soon but, to give you a taster, Wales will be represented by our collective of Welsh MAN v FAT clubs, whilst our Scottish clubs will be allocated to the USA as we’re sure they’d like to get one over on England, whether that be in Qatar or in this competition!

So, to confirm:-

•             Each team is made up of a group of different MAN v FAT clubs and will fulfil the corresponding World Cup group fixtures.
•             Top 2 from each group go through to knockouts.
•             3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 0 points for a loss in the group stages.

But how will you decide the results of the matches?
•             Each MAN v FAT club will contribute their average KG weight loss in a MAN v FAT match week to give that nation their score (i.e. cumulative weight loss across the clubs representing a nation will be divided by total players in those MAN v FAT clubs)
•            If a group/knockout game is a tie, the total average weight loss across all fixtures will be used as a tie breaker.

Do we need to do anything different in our weekly sessions?
No! The idea of this is to make it fun – we’re not expecting you to do anything different in your sessions and we hope that this competition will help you keep your focus on your weight loss through to the Christmas shutdown.

When will the MAN v FAT World Cup of Weight Loss fixtures run?

Group Stage Fixtures
Game Week 1: All MAN v FAT sessions between 31/10/2022 and 06/11/2022
Game Week 2: All MAN v FAT sessions between 7/11/2022 and 13/11/2022
Game Week 3: All MAN v FAT sessions between 14/11/2022 and 20/11/2022

Knock-Out Fixtures
Game Week 4 (World Cup of Weight Loss last 16): All MAN v FAT sessions between 21/11/2022 and 27/11/2022

Game Week 5 (World Cup of Weight Loss Quarter Finals): All MAN v FAT sessions between 28/11/2022 and 04/12/2022

Game Week 6 (World Cup of Weight Loss Semi Finals): All MAN v FAT sessions between 05/12/2022 and 11/12/2022

Game Week 7 (World Cup of Weight Loss Final!): All MAN v FAT sessions between 12/12/2022 and 18/12/2022

How will we find out the results?
We will be publishing the results in the MAN v FAT Community and sharing in your club Whatsapp groups.