The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: Let’s Get It On

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We’re four weeks into our MVF blogs and already we’ve seen that weight loss isn’t a straight-forward process, there’s plenty of back and forth and that one of the key criteria that’s needed is patience…

Cory Hickton

This last week has been extremely hard for me. After my huge loss last week, I came down with Man Flu of all things. I think we can all agree it’s a real thing.

After weigh-in last week, I wanted to continue the disciplined eating that had got me back on track, but alas that wasn’t to be. All I craved all week was comfort food, as I always do when not feeling great.

I could of course just say no and stick to the plan. I’d have felt miserable about it but it would keep me from having a ‘bad week’. As you can probably work out from my tone, I gained this week. It was expected, but I now need to draw yet another line. No matter how many times you fall, it’s getting up that counts right?

I want to go back to this ‘bad week’ thought for a moment. I’ve thought about this since weighing in this week and it’s something I think we need to never say. The number of times I’ve been to slimming groups in the past and the hostess has said “aww, has it been a bad week”? Well, actually, no it hasn’t. It’s been a week of putting me and my mental health first.

This is something I love about Man v Fat, the mental health side of things. I’ve been using the Foundations app on my phone this year. I’ve found I often feel guilty if I eat something calorific or fatty. But I shouldn’t feel this. I can only think this feeling of shame has come from society and the slimming groups I used to attend.

I think understanding this has led me to be happier with myself this week. I had one single custard cream with my coffee this morning. Usually, this would lead to negative thoughts after, but I’m now trying to change that and see that one biscuit won’t hurt. It’s not like I’ve sat and eaten the whole pack.

Sustainable weight loss is hard, it’s up and it’s down. It’s not a straightforward 1kg off every week. It’s a loss most weeks with a gain here and there.

The other thing I want to mention is how you view progress differs from others. I don’t feel any different from the 10.5kg I’ve lost, I certainly don’t think I look any different. But the reality is I won’t. My grandad this weekend asked if I’ve lost weight. I have and it was a great feeling that someone has noticed – especially when I haven’t. I told him that I play football weekly now through Man v Fat which is helping and that sparked a conversation about him playing football in his past years – it was a lovely moment, from a random comment about my weight loss.

Steven Mason

MyFitnessPal username: LiangMiUK

Starting Weight/Current Weight Weight Loss this week Total Weight loss Achievements earned
Start: 140.4KG
(BMI: 35.81)


Now: 132.2KG
(BMI: 33.72)

n/a 8.2KG


(5.84% of body fat)

–        Biggest loser in the entire club week 1

–        5% total weight loss

–        2nd biggest loser week 2

–        Biggest loser week 3

This week has been a toughie. Me and my family have been battling a virus or bug for the last number of days. My natural and first instinct is to stop the whole diet and run for some calorie food but my wife and my son continually provide me with the inspiration needed to keep me in the head space to persevere. Taking it in turns to look after not only each other but our baby keeps me in check that I need to be healthier not only for myself but for him as well.

Due to the virus I have I also was unable to attend MVF this week which has played with my mind a lot as well. This is my first miss since starting this journey, having my name not appear for the first time in the top ranks of losers for the club (as I am not only competitive whenever possible but also with myself) with how hard I am working to keep away from bad habits. Knowing that I lost weight but couldn’t attend even for the off-pitch goals was very demoralizing as our team lost both on and off the pitch.

I am hoping to get better this week and I am roughly around 2-3 KG off hitting my 10% target, so with my son and my wife cheering me on I will achieve this and hopefully look to fit into some nice shirts 🙂

Andrew Shanahan

I wouldn’t say I’ve made the most concerted start to the year with regard to weight loss and fitness, but I’ve constantly been trying to make changes and this week was the first time that was reflected on the scales. I’m 0.5kg down now and although it’s not quite the 20kg I’d like to hit further down the line, it’s a start and that’s enough for now.

One of the things that’s been making a difference is that I’ve strapped on the garmin and been trying to get 10k steps a day – this makes a huge difference for me. I’m quite competitive with myself and if I have a streak going (day 8 today) then I’ll do whatever I need to to keep it going. Hence I’ve been marching on the spot while watching telly on some evenings when I’ve not managed to get out enough during the day. The dog has appreciated the extra walks too. My best ever streak was 101 days, so that’s the next target.

All this positivity was rounded off by a win at MVFF too – well, we lost to a very good team 4-1 on the pitch (I let in three goals – being a keeper is hard innit?) but managed to salvage a 9-7 win when the scales goals had been added. It was a real moment of excitement, because everyone was focused on the value of those weight loss goals and the motivation that balancing pitch and scales gives you. This now leads our team, Slimply Red, into the heady heights of the cup final next week. Wish us luck…


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