The MAN v FAT Newsround 1/6: You’d batter believe it

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With the weather taking a turn for the worse, we’re talking comfort food, from golden fried chicken to brownie batter. Mmmm. We’re also wondering whether sweeteners are better than sugar, and picking the tracks that keep us going when we hit that wall.


Nottinghamshire Live has done a feature on local lad Al Rea, who has lost an incredible 5 and a half stone in FIVE months with the help of the MAN v FAT Football Nottingham league. That’s a massive quarter of his original body weight!

Mr Rea says that being able to chat with other men in his position has been massively beneficial, but we think he can’t give them all the credit as he’s also been keen on monitoring his food intake and has taken up swimming too. Keep up the great work, Al.

The Exeter league has also been celebrating their successes this week with their presentation evening and registration night. Well done lads on your 10 and 5% losses, we’ll high five to that.


  • Chicken lovers rejoice! KFC has promised to reduce calorie content by 20% per serving by 2025. Don’t panic though, the Colonel’s secret spice recipe is still secret, safe and here to stay. They’re also considering swapping sugary drinks to offer low/no-calorie options only, so drink up, eat chicken and enjoy a treat (once in a while and all within your calorie budget, obv).
    Speaking of KFC, if you’re interested in trying to copy the recipe at home, we tried this recipe recently and it was pretty damn close – and we baked it to keep the cals down.
  • A recent study has shown that the typical Brit will eat £12,000 worth of chocolate in their lifetime, and that isn’t us contributing to Freddo’s mortgage now he’s all grown up. Over a quarter of participants, who were obviously trying to save some cash, admitted to committing the ultimate sin of stealing chocolate from their own children. Yikes. Manage your bank account and your belly and limit your chocolate intake for easier losses on the scales.


  • One MvF poster is asking what apps people are using on their Apple Watch for activity tracking. Are you raving about an app or do you have a cracking combination of trackers? Join in the chat!
  • Weight loss doesn’t just happen on the pitch, we’re also wondering what workouts you lot do at home.
  • Shout out to MvFF player @Paul_Slaney for reaching 5% weight loss. He’s saying thank you for the support. Well done Paul!


  • I’m always on the hunt for power tracks to keep me motivated – Men’s Health’s Brian Josephs tell us his favourite albums to work out to.
  • Ever wondered if a very low calorie, so-called ‘crash’ diet is the way to go for losing weight? This BBC documentary put crash dieting to the test to see whether it’s a viable alternative to taking it slow. Catch The Big Crash Diet Experiment on iPlayer here.
  • The Great Indoors? I’m always hearing that running outdoors is way more beneficial than tearing it up on the treadmill, but I’ve never questioned why. Samantha Lefave from Greatist tries to settle the debate for us here: Is running on a treadmill better than running outside?
  • Time for another debate (we’re feeling geeky at MvF today) – are sweeteners healthier than sugar? We all know that sugar leads to weight gain from empty calories, but are low-calorie sugar alternatives ruining our health? BBC Health gives us the low (sugar) down.


Muller has definitely delivered the goods with a limited edition brownie batter Muller Rice. Comforting rice pudding, check. Ooey-gooey brownie, check. Easy to fit into your calorie budget? Check! You can find this treasure at Asda, Morrisons, Tesco or on a 50p deal at Sainsbury’s. At 203 cals for a pot, this is definitely something I’m going to work into my day without feeling guilty. Stock up, but leave some for me!


Check out this nugget of wisdom from sports nutritionist Scott Baptie, who through the art of emoji, talks us through how to deal with food hiccups and regaining control. “Chill out, you’re human”? Probably the best bit of advice anyone could give.




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