One of the reasons I’m not crazy about diets is because everyone is different. We all respond differently to certain situations and programmes. It might be that I lose weight brilliantly on paleo, it might be that I’m hungry and angry all the time. If you’re sticking to a diet then the tendency is to think that you have to do it *perfectly* and that’s not always the case. You have to learn what works for you.

My journey through the final stone is teaching me that treat days (aka binges, aka treat meals) do work for me but if I want to lose weight I can only have two in a week. It’s important for me psychologically as well as metabolically. If I can look ahead to the week coming up and say – right, I’ll have a beer and a pie then and then, that works for me. I’m by no means saying it would work for everyone, but for me it’s enough to keep me on point the rest of the time and looking forward to a bit of a break.

I did 4 Hour Body for a bit and my cheat day was immense. I’d eat bread, bathe in croissants, eat Pick n Mix until I was sick and neck beer all day long. It was actually really gross. That’s why cheat day doesn’t work for me. I just poison myself over the course of a day because my diet book says I can. It’s unbelievably dumb and I found that I really don’t enjoy it.

So that’s where I am – two treat meals a week, a few beers, a dessert and not thinking of ways to put a burger between slices of lettuce because I don’t want to eat bread. If I stick to two a week and remain good the rest of the week I lose a pound a week, which is what I’ve done this week, 12 of the buggers left to go.

How do you approach treat meals? Do you do a day, a meal, a week? Or are you one of the masters who can just have a little bit of something you fancy every day (in which case please know that I want to kill you).