OK so i started on the 7th of May

i need to lose weight fact! but i am motivated by competition so started a bet with one of my sales managers he also carries a little Belly weight! i bet him an absurd amount of money that i would lose more weight than him he is nice and competitive so away we went but within 7 days we both realized that we need to do this for ourselves not for the money not for the “Gary and Colin’s Big Fat Diet Sweep” that has spread through the company lots of money in that now!!


anyway started at 18.4 now at 17.5 2 weeks on and by the way my “opponent” is also flying he has lost 12 lbs as well so kudos to him i am ahead but not by much the difference is i am using a common sense diet from reading all the Man v Fat inspiration stories common sense seems to be the right one at least for me. i am eating about 1000 to 1200 calories every day doing lots more exercise walking the dog even started doing the local Parkrun 5km every Saturday morning and my time is improving every week so have to say losing weight, feeling better and fitter not as hungry as i thought i would be so all in all come on week 3.

just one other point of note last Saturday FA cup final day!! drank lots of alcohol and i mean lots also had a Calzone pizza but got up next day and started again and still lost 5 lb last week.

will keep you all updated if you guys are interested.