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The gym is shut and to top it off, you’re only allowed out of the house once a day. But hey, before you start doing backflips (metaphorically, although real ones would be bloody impressive and a good way to work out if you’ve got the space), we’re here to help you with some of the best home workout videos.

I’ve searched YouTube for the best at-home workouts to keep you moving and grooving through these unprecedented times. 

Some videos are cheesy, some are harder than others, some might make you want to shout and swear at the trainer, be it due to the slight air of arrogance having a nice body gives you, or because the workout is providing a burn bigger than expected.

(Don’t worry, I fully understand the catharsis that a good few swear words can provide. I fully endorse this behaviour so long as there isn’t a home-schooler nearby).

I’ve picked workouts that can be done without needing loads of space – whether that’s because you don’t have loads of room at home, or because your house is now suddenly an office-come-educational centre. The trainers also have a lot of content, so if you’re enjoying these you can go back for more.

Time to work out, let’s go!

Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Official Punch Out

Big Billy Blanks is guaranteed to get you busting out in a sweat. Some of his videos absolutely scream retro and personally, I am here for it. 

These workouts incorporate fast movements with martial arts-inspired moves to keep you fighting fit. Blanks’ workouts are super upbeat, so I’d advise some discretion – although the moves are quite simple to do, combining that with speed and timing when progressing through the videos could prove to be a little tricky.

Billy Blanks pros?

  • He sure is an assertive instructor!

Billy Blanks cons?

  • He sure is an assertive instructor…


Walk at Home – 1.0 Mile Happy Walk by Leslie Sansone

No P.E? No problem! This is a great low impact workout that the entire family can get involved with, whatever their age or ability.

This walking routine will have you walking a mile in 15 minutes, which is actually quite mind-blowing. Ideal for those who are missing being out rambling. 

What’s great about the 1.0 Mile Happy Walk is that it isn’t too mentally challenging, so it would be quite easy to catch up with a podcast or a film while following along.

One thing I would say is to be mindful of space, Leslie does not just let you walk on the spot!

Nerd Fitness ‘How-To’ Series

Nerd Fitness was started by guys who are probably a lot like you. Ordinary men with ordinary jobs just looking to get healthier. 

Steve Kamb, founder of Nerd Fitness explained that, “in 2008, I purchased the domain because I didn’t see anybody helping out people like me: people with desk jobs that love nerd culture, games, books, and movies, but also know they need to make healthier choices in their day to day lives.”

Their bite-sized ‘how-to’ videos are created to encourage proper form and are great if you’re having to train away from your regular trainer or mate that keeps a check on your technique.

 10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout with Jump Rope Dudes

I’m gonna start off by saying that this is definitely my favourite workout of the ten. Fast, furious and a thumping heart guaranteed – It really is amazing how knackered you can get in ten minutes. All you need is a skipping rope and some kind of stopwatch or Tabata app. (I use Tabata Timer for iOS. If you’re on Android, this Tabata timer is very similar.)

This is another workout that the whole family could get involved with if you have enough space, just set up ‘stations’ for each exercise and rotate – this way, you’d only need the one rope. 

The moves involved are great for mixed abilities as they’re quite low impact but could be swapped out to better accommodate those taking part, whether they need more or less of a challenge.

And it’s just ten minutes, so no excuses!

Minus The Gym’s Callisthenics Beginner Routine

This trainer has thought of everything. Ryan has taken the video that made him YouTube famous and has stripped it back, literally, to show the Internet how to start out with callisthenics. No equipment required. 

Just a word of warning, beginner movements may be difficult for some. Once you’ve nailed them though, Ryan has plenty of progressions to improve your skills with.


15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine by The Bodyweight Warrior

Stop whatever you are doing and jump into this workout with Tom from The Bodyweight Warrior. With his flexibility routine you’ll be feeling stretched out, brand new and ready to forget the day’s stress. Perfect for desk workers or those feeling a little cooped up.

James Grage’s Total Body Resistance Bands Workout You Can Do at Home (or even on a paddle board)

This guy is ripped and he thanks resistance bands for it. This workout does require some equipment – a set of resistance bands. Annoyingly, a set of bands might be hard to source at the moment but if you have some, this is an amazing strength builder and the moves are easy to pick up. James has also proved that this workout requires minimum space by following it while on a paddleboard, so if you’re low on space you’ve got no excuse.

The Lean Machines’ Tabata Style Home Workout

One half of the Lean Machines, John Chapman talks you through this quick tabata workout while “freezing his nuts off”. Despite initially not sounding so keen, he’s pretty encouraging and explains the moves throughout while also providing variations to scale the movements up or down depending on ability.

30-Minute Hip-Hop Fit Workout with Mike Peele and POPSUGAR

Perhaps leaning back towards the cheesy end of the scale, this hip-hop workout is almost fun enough to forget that you’re actually exercising. I reckon any kids would get involved with this one and I say let ‘em, the more the merrier, plus you might be grateful for the energy they’ll burn.

Mike and the POPSUGAR gang have included modifications so you can enjoy a good ol’ dance, no matter your ability, so you’ll be popping in no time.

HASfit’s Low Impact Total Body Cardio Workout at Home for Beginners

This a beginner workout so should be suitable for all. It’s low impact, so easy on those knees and ankles but it will get you sweating! I love that the instructors are super jolly and encouraging throughout the video, helping to keep you motivated.

It’s also perfect for flat dwellers or anyone else who can’t make too much noise whilst working out as there’s no jumping involved.

And there you have it – my top ten YouTube workouts. If you have a fave that we missed out and you think it deserves a spot on the list, be sure to let us know

Stay safe, stay healthy. If you’re doing these workouts outside of the home, remember to maintain the designated distance of 2m and happy sweating!


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