MAN v FAT Newsround 12/1/2018: Taking over the airwaves

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Welcome to the first MAN v FAT Newsround of 2018! We’re in the second week of a shiny new year and we don’t even recognise that person who scoffed Quality Street for breakfast just a few short weeks ago. We’re focused on making 2018 a brilliant year for weight loss and every week we’re gonna bring you everything you need to know from the MAN v FAT Football leagues and the world of weight loss.


  • Here at MAN v FAT Football our New Year’s resolution was to bring as many new leagues to as many people around the UK as possible. So far we’re off to a good start, launching a whopping fifteen new leagues in January alone, with a plethora of others coming later in 2018.
  • We’ve been taking the media world by storm as we spread the word about the new leagues – first up was Roger Smith, coach for the Yeovil and Bridgwater leagues, who appeared live on BBC Spotlight (the evening news programme for the South West). He talked about the new Exeter league which launches on the 19th Jan and was joined at St. James Park by three MAN v FAT Football players who were put to the sword by chirpy presenter Hamish Marshall, who we hear Roger was unsuccessful in persuading to join up. Sad face.

  • Next up was a newspaper article for the boys in the Tipton league to promote the new league in West Bromwich, which is set to kick off towards the end of January. The article featured an in-depth interview with coach Mark Phillips, seen here proudly holding up a ball, focusing on everything MAN v FAT Football is about, including some of the success stories from the past seasons. You can read it for yourself here.
  •  Then it was over to Baz, who appeared live on BBC Radio Scotland, talking about the leagues north of the border. Talking on the Kaye Adams show, Baz was spreading the good word in an attempt to get more Scots signed up (and if you’re in Scotland and reading this, you can do that by going here). As if by coincidence one of the other featured pieces on the show was an article discussing whether or not there should be more action taken to reduce salt, sugar and fat in foods – I think you know our answer…


We all try to stick to one, but it doesn’t take much for all the New Year’s resolutions go out of the window. What if you could remove all of the temptations that may lead you down the wrong road from your life completely? That’s exactly what an all-new browser plug-in from David Lloyd Clubs allows you to do.

Dubbed the Temptation Blocker, the software allows users to block any content related to their New Year’s resolution which they have pledged to say goodbye to – the gym giants say it can be used to block shops so you’re not tempted to spend money, but we reckon it’d be perfect to block Just Eat so the temptation to order takeaway isn’t there anymore.

This ingenious idea comes off the back of research which has discovered 35% of Brits find the internet hampers their ability to stick to a New Year’s Resolution, with a further 51% stating they’re likely to break their promises in the first two weeks of January alone. Yikes. You can download the plug-in, if you so wish, over on their website. 


We can all agree that one of the best things about the Christmas period is being able to overindulge in all sorts of things we know aren’t good for us because it’s Christmas. Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for our bodies), Christmas is over so put down the selection box, throw away the leftover Quality Street (seriously, no one is going to eat the blue ones) and get back to a properly planned and regulated diet. One of the biggest problems we have is filling that gap formed from constantly nibbling here and there – snacking isn’t bad, but it’s what we snack on that is.

Introducing Holland & Barrett’s good to go nut range, conveniently sized snack packs with all your favourite nuts ready to eat whenever and wherever you may be, and they’re just 99p per pack meaning you’ve got no excuse for choosing a bag of nuts over a Mars bar.


  • You have may have noticed that we have lots of new faces on the forum, so whether you’ve been here a while, or you’re a newbie yourself, how can you get the most from the MAN v FAT forum?
  • No this is not a spin-off on a Hollywood movie, where two helpless romantics look to find each other again, this chap genuinely needs help in recognising this dish – any ideas? 
  • Christmas has been and gone again and as the decorations get shoved back into their home to gather dust for the next year, it’s time to put down the selection box and get back on the grind – here are some tips on getting back into shape in the new year.


  • If you’ve made it this far into January without picking up an alcoholic beverage, hats off to you. But the job isn’t done yet. Here are some quick fire tips on how to ace dry January.
  • If you have a utopian idea that you and your other half should always exercise together, giving each other positive encouragement as you both smash multiple targets, maybe it’s time to let go of those dreams, as it could actually do more damage than good.


What are you talking about this week? Heard any interesting news, eaten any interesting things or done anything interesting yourself? We want to hear about it – spill the beans over on the forum.


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