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Big Daddy: Amazing Loser Dan Cooper

Having kids is usually a massive wake up call for overweight men. Aside from the responsibility and fun of changing nappies and making sure your child doesn’t stick its fingers in sockets, it’s a weird feeling to know that this wriggly little thing looks up to you and will depend on you for years and years to come. Naturally, you want to make sure you’re the best dad you can be and you

The Ultimate MAN V FAT Football Team

The recent buzz around MAN v FAT football (what is MAN v FAT Football?) has got us thinking about what our dream team might look like – the footballing legends of our youth who, in spite of having succumbed to the dreaded middle aged spread, could still show the kids a thing or two about good form. MAN v FAT Football plays six-a-side, so our team here includes four rolling subs, giving us ten

Amazing Loser – Brian MacFarlane

Age: 44 Heaviest weight – 205lb (93 kg) Current weight or lowest weight – 147 lb (66.7 kg) Height – 5’9” (175cm) Job – Works for British Airways Engineering Tell us about why you decided to make a change and lose weight.  We’d come back from a holiday and my eldest son had thought he’d put a bit of weight on over the holiday, and when we came home he