Confused? New to the site? Recently been hit on the head by a large cartoon anvil? Here’s what MAN v FAT is about:

MAN v FAT is about getting support with your weight loss and supporting other men with theirs.

To get started here are five things you should do right now (click on the images to find out more):

1) Check your health

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Wouldn’t it be worth three minutes of your time to find out exactly how healthy you are and how you compare to other men your age? Go take our Health Checker out.

2) Get Involved On Talk


Head over to weight loss forum – Talk – ask questions, join a free online group, start topics, rant, rage, don’t chew the fat – which on reflection would have been a far better name for the forum. 

3) Learn from the Amazing Losers


Meet the guys who have been there, done that and got the XXXXXL t-shirt to prove it. We’ve got weight loss before and after stories from a huge range of guys and they’re all members of Talk, so once you’ve been inspired you can ask them exactly how they did it!

4) Read the book

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The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual gives you everything you need to know to lose weight. No gimmicks, no BS, just solid advice that will apply to everyone. Read it now.

5) Join MAN v FAT Football


Get your weight loss started in a fine footballing style by registering for MAN v FAT Football.


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