Setting your goals is a vital step in losing weight, perhaps the most important of all. The key is to create goals that are detailed and that you can break down into smaller, achievable steps. This form should take you about five to ten minutes to do properly.

  • You need to give a number of points here. - State what you want to happen. - State in precise and detailed terms what this means - Can you state these goals in different terms - for instance - being a better dad, but also getting your 20lb MAN v FAT weight loss badge.
  • Time to break it down. List the specific actions that you need to take to achieve your goals. Don't worry about making this complete - just get everything you can down that would help you to reach your goals. Imagine if you had unlimited resources, what would you do to help you achieve your goals?
  • Create as many descriptions as you can of what you will experience when you've hit your goals: - HEAR - e.g. I will hear people complimenting me on looking better. - SEE e.g. I will see myself looking for a Medium-sized shirt in a shop. - FEEL e.g. I will no longer feel pain in my knees.
  • List all of the positives that you can think of about hitting your goals. List all of the negatives too.
  • We all need extra resources to achieve our goals. Outline everything you need (or think you will need) to hit your goals. Also - outline whose responsibility it is for these things to be done. Does anyone else have a role to play. Do they know that you're expecting this of them?

This goal-setting process is a modified version of a model called LASER which was developed by Jimmy Petruzzi, we use it here with thanks.