Are Secret Calories Making You Fat?

Secret calories – ooooh, it sounds exciting! It’s not. It’s really not. It’s essentially all the things that we put into our mouths without really thinking about it. Nick a chip from the kids’ dinner? Squodge of mayo that you don’t track? Yep – they’re secret calories. But don’t take my word for it – take this weirdo’s word for it:

Is this something that affects your weight loss? Are you one of life’s pickers? Need help? Give us a shout.

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I'm Andrew Shanahan, I started MAN v FAT when I lost over 60lbs and realised that there was naff all help for men who wanted to lose weight.

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  1. Finishing off the kids’ meals. Oh yes. I’ve got some way more important food issues to deal with, but that’s a big ‘stealth’ issue for me.

  2. A big problem for me - even if it’s just a slice or 2 of that thin slices processed meat - but willpower must be strong now or I won’t get anywhere

  3. Goddamn secret calories.

    For me it is work cookies. The office I work in constantly receives gifts from clients…sometimes pretty amazing gifts. It is very easy to take a cookie or 48 in passing without really thinking about them that much. This is obviously a terrible idea. I have to stay very disciplined to remind myself that no matter how nice that cookie might be, I have larger goals. in mind.

  4. admin says:

    I’m lucky (?) because I work at home, but for me it’s all about hunger. If I’m hungry I’ll probably cave when someone offers me a snack. If I don’t feel hungry I can exercise my willpower to the max. Do you have good snacks at work?

  5. Are butter cookies good snacks? If so, yes.

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