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Anxiety, self-esteem, stress and depression

– Go and check your mood. Go on. Do it now. It’s free and takes 5 minutes (NHS).

– Speak to your GP. Whether it’s drugs, alternative therapies, counselling or CBT there will be something that can help you but you won’t see how easy it could be unless you try.

– Get hold of a copy of Manage Your Mind, a terrific no-bullshit guide to how to use your head.

– For managing stress and anxiety, try out the app Headspace.

– Speak to MIND.

– If you want to talk to someone now then try Samaritans.

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Food addictions and eating disorders

Find Eating Disorder support near you

Overeaters Anonymous

– A useful page from American Addiction Centres on Binge Eating Disorders

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Working out at home

There are any number of workout DVDs that are available for use at home.

– Shaun T’s Insanity – tough programme that will kick your arse, but delivers a good workout.

– 30 Day Shred. An oldie but a goodie, if you can put up with being called a lady all the way through the video.

– P90X – Another BeachBody classic, this time it’s Tony Horton’s.

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Meditation and breathing exercises

– Find a yoga class near you

– Another option is to investigate the Alexander Technique, which focuses on posture but also corrects poor breathing patterns.

– If you struggle with asthma or hyperventilation then do the Buteyko Method, it consists of a progressive series of breathing training exercises and improving the body’s response to CO2.

– There are several good apps which will take you through different breathing exercises such as Breathing Zone and Paced Breathing

– Take a look at Headspace, which is a mindfulness app that delivers great results for anxiety and stress.

Charts and downloads

Motivational websites